Look up and find out more at Aviodrome Aviation Museum

Discover a world full of adventurous airplane action for young and old in Aviodrome Aviation Museum! The museum is completely dedicated to 100 years of civil aviation. Admire more than 100 old and new aircraft inside and outside. Board a Boeing 747 and experience the adrenaline of a real pilot in the flight simulator!

The Aviodrome collection consists of the most beautiful gems from aviation history. Do you already know the Junkers 52, Uiver, Fokker Spin and Lockheed Constellation? These are displayed in the museum and the outdoor exhibition. You can also view a number of planes from the inside. But that's not all: from the nostalgic control tower, the view of the runway of Lelystad Airport is phenomenal! There are free guided tours several times a day. The volunteers enthusiastically take you into the world of airplanes and aviation from then and now.

Ready to fly through the clouds? All your senses are sharpened in the 4D film theater at Aviodrome Aviation Museum. Experience an exciting flight in which you even feel rain and cold gulfs. For those who have a taste for it, there is also a pilot and flight attendant training. Complete all assignments successfully and go home with a pilot's license!

Are your nerves Spyker hard? Spread your wings at Aviodrome Aviation Museum!