Sloterplas Beach Playing Boy Amsterdam

The beautifully spacious Sloterpark is a park in Amsterdam’s Nieuw West with a large lake (Sloterplas) in the middle. Locals flock to its urban beach for picnics, family outings and games of volleyball. If you prefer a dash of chlorine in your swimming water, the Sloterparkbad is only a minute away. Drop by at the nearby Hotel Buiten afterwards for a glass of rosé on the terrace.

Buitenzwembad Marineterrein

This increasingly popular spot offers exceptional views of Nemo, Central Station and the impressive VOC ship docked outside the National Maritime Musuem. You'll find floating boardwalks to jump off and a large shaded grassy area that's perfect for picknicking at. Its not an official swimming location yet, but it seems likely that the council will designate it so soon.

Het Twiske

Het Twiske Molen Amsterdam

Begin your swim with a scenic bike ride to Zaanstad, where you will find no fewer than 10 different places to swim. Het Twiske recreational area is home to Speelsloot, Kure Jan Strand, Doesstrand and many more spots for cooling off in the water. You can also rent canoes, row boats and sail boats to head off on your own adventure.

Admiralengracht at Erasmus Park

Admiralengracht Erasmusgracht Erasmus Park Amsterdam

This clean stretch of the Erasmusgracht at one corner of Erasmus Park is a popular swimming spot in the summer for families and young locals. There's a small boardwalk with ladder access into the canal and a grassy bank that catches the sun until the late afternoon. Pick up a couple of beers and soak up the neighbourhood vibe as you sunbathe in this sunny corner of Bos en Lommer.


Ambience at the dock Bogortuin Koen Smilde Photography 1800x1020

This urban beach on Java Eiland is an unofficial swimming spot that is becoming increasingly popular with a young crowd. The shady park boasts great views over to Zeeburg making it the perfect place to sunbathe and swim on a hot day with a cityscape backdrop. There is a supermarket nearby if you want to bring your own food and drink.

Berlagebrug Rowing Club

Berlagebrug Rowing Club Amsterdam

The jetty at the Berlagebrug Rowing Club is a handy access point for a refreshing swim in the Amstel and you'll find plenty of amenities nearby. This area is a busy stretch of water so be sure to pay attention to the boats passing by as you're doing those doggy-paddle lengths.


Swimming at Gaasperplas Amsterdam

We have the construction of the Bijlmermeer to thank for the charming Gaasperplas recreational area. It was created from the sand extraction required for construction of the tower blocks there. The exquisite nature reserve has a wide beach and a spacious lawn to spread your towel. Best of all, it can be easily accessed by Metro.

Amsterdamse Bos

Amsterdam’s biggest landscape park is three times bigger than Central Park, it attracts 6 million visitors a year, and has several excellent spots for swimming. There are spots for kids to paddle around safely while parents lounge around on the grass. Amsterdamse Bos also has several low-hanging bridges for older kids (and the young at heart) to practise their diving skills.

Nieuwe Meer

Peter ElenbaasNext to Amsterdamse Bos lies a large lake with two official swimming areas. Easily accessible by public transport or bicycle, you will find a beach and several private coves along the edges of the lake. The spot is also known for its nudist beach, its gay cruising area, and its Highland cattle.


Ouderkerkerplas Amsterdam

Cool off from a bike ride with a bracing dip in Ouderkerkerplas. This special spot on the border of Amsterdam-Zuidoost and Ouderkerk aan de Amstel is paradise for seasoned swimmers and divers, while the sandy beaches, shallow shoreline and nearby playgrounds make it ideal for the whole family.


Beatrix Park Amsterdam

A modestly-sized park that is intimate and relatively quiet, but at the same time is big enough to make you feel like you’ve escaped the city for the day. Great for sunbathing, picnics and for wading in the paddling pool with the little ‘uns. Beatrixpark also has a medicinal herb garden.



The ‘West End Lakes’ are the largest body of fresh water in the Randstad area. These lakes are home to dozens of tiny islands and while most of them are privately owned, everyone is welcome to moor their boat at the Starteiland (Start Island) – a popular spot for a picnic or barbecue. And if you don’t fancy bringing your own supplies, stop off at one of the 50 marinas lining the banks, teeming with restaurants, cafés and sun-drenched terraces.

De Hoge Dijk

Amsterdam bike tour S.M. de Gooijer

This quiet recreational area near AMC is just the place for a peaceful dip. The west of De Hoge Dijk is primarily a golf course, while the east has a large lake with a beach and a designated swimming area. It also has a paddling area for kids, well-equipped changing rooms and parking.


Diemerpark Amsterdam Beach

Another urban beach is Amsterdam’s Diemerpark, which has a slower pace and tranquil atmosphere. You would never guess it from the bucolic surroundings, but Diemerpark was once a rubbish dump. The whole area has been meticulously cleaned since, and the water is closely monitored.

Note: As with all outdoor swimming spots, water quality can vary. Check for warnings and updates on the zwemwater website (in Dutch) including a map with all the official swimming locations.

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