Immerse yourself in history

Amsterdam Molen van Sloten CC BY-SA 2.0 Jilles Dissel via Flickr

The ancient village of Sloten, which became a part of Amsterdam in 1921, is home to the Sloten Windmill Museum – a fully functioning poldermill where you’ll learn all about how windmills work, as well as how Rembrandt, the son of a miller, grew up. Sloten was first mentioned in 1063, which might make it older than Amsterdam. The areas around it, including Geuzenveld-Slotermeer, were all farmland for centuries. Until as late as the 1950s, when the area was developed, local growers would bring their produce to the city to sell at markets.

Have a day by the lake

Edwin van Eis

At the end of Jan Evertsenstraat is Sloterplas, a huge lake surrounded by the green and spacious Sloterpark. In addition to the runners, fishermen, swimmers and other watersports fans, more and more people are finding their way to this picturesque urban lake for a relaxing picnic, boat trip or to catch a film under the stars during the summer. There’s also the annual Loveland dance festival, and Sloterplasloop running event for those after something a little more active.

Soak up the terrace views

Not an actual hotel, but homely nevertheless: Hotel Buiten is a café and an urban beach – without sand, but with plenty of lakeside views. Developed by local residents and businesses with a dream of reviving a forgotten piece of nature, the stylish pavilion is mainly made of recycled materials and has great outdoor terraces.

Experience the nightlife

Former office and business park Sloterdijk is changing at a rapid pace and with an innovative twist. Take, for example, Bret, which douses this slightly grey corner with a splash of colour and fun. It's a beer bar and restaurant with a spectacular garden rooftop surrounded by its own urban vineyard. From the hops grown on-site to the structure made from shipping containers, everything about the venue promotes sustainability and innovation. Oh, and they also host some magical club nights, so keep an eye on their music agenda. You’ll also find the club Warehouse Elementenstraat, a highly regarded spot for cutting edge electronic music in the Netherlands.

Play all day in De Natureluur

Nestled in Sloterpark, De Natureluur is a playground and adventure park that’s a hit with kids of all ages. The organisers host a variety of active and educational activities, ranging from kayaking and archery, through to nature lessons on creepy crawlies and wildlife. It’s also the perfect spot for birthday parties, delighting little ones with campfires, pony rides, hut-building and all sorts of treats.