Cycle route highlights:


It is a fun cycle on the Buiksloterdijk dyke past the Noorderpark. When you see the 16th-century wooden houses on the Buiksloterdijk, you can imagine how Amsterdam must have looked in the past.

Krijtmolen d'Admiraal

Built in 1792 by the 90-year-old Elisabeth Admiraal, this octagonal smock windmill fell into disuse after 1954 but was restored in 1967. It is now run by a volunteer who regularly has the sails turn making d’Admiraal the world’s only functioning wind-powered chalk-trass mill.


A cow market used to take place in this Purmerend square which dates back to 1645. It used to be a flat market field until 2009. Now its old function is commemorated with a statue by Hans Kuyper and the square acts as the nightlife centre of the city.

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