Woodstock 69

Woodstock Bloemendaal

One of the most colourful beach clubs on the North Sea, Woodstock 69 has risen like a phoenix from the ashes. After a large fire destroyed much of the beach club in 2016, it is once again ready to celebrate summer. This is an eccentric party place, known as the hippy tent of Bloemendaal. It has colourful eastern infused décor with palm trees and umbrellas, and attracts an alternative crowd that parties hard. Anything goes at this place! It has a packed party agenda with live music and DJ parties, but the best thing about it is the bonfire.

Woodstock 69, Bloemendaal


Republiek is a bit of an ‘upmarket’ Bloemendaal beach bar for the more mature, more sophisticated crowd. The décor is stylish and you could easily mistake it for a beach club in Ibiza. You can hire loungers that overlook the beach or you can get cosy on one of the sofas. It usually plays chilled-out lounge music but it is also famous for its parties which are spread out through the season, are free and are really good fun. Its menu is one of the more interesting in the area and it has a pizza oven which serves great rustic pizzas.

Republiek, Bloemendaal


De Uitkijk

De Uitkijk 

Dune pavilion De Uitkijk is located in the middle of the dune area of Kennemerland. With trees, nature and greenery everywhere you look, the view on the terrace is a truly unique one. Enjoy a delicious lunch, dinner or drinks here.

Duinpaviljoen De Uitkijk, Bloemendaal


De Bokkedoorns

De Bokkedoorns

Located in the beautiful dunes of Haarlem and Zandvoort, De Bokkedoorns has a surprisingly relaxed atmosphere considering it boasts two Michelin stars. The tranquil beauty of the lakeside setting is translated to the plate, as seasonal ingredients are prepared with care and imagination. Both an escape from the city and a culinary adventure, De Bokkedoorns is a true feast for the senses.

De Bokkedoorns, Overveen

Duin & Kruidberg

The beautifully historic Duin & Kruidberg Country Estate, located in the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park, houses a beautiful restaurant. Have breakfast or lunch at the DenK Brasserie & Lounge Bar, treat yourself to a high tea, or enjoy an evening meal and relax over drinks.

Duin & Kruidberg, Santpoort-Noord


Located on Zandvoort’s famous beach, Ajuma is a hideaway available for events and special dinners. The kitchen specialises in Asian fusion dishes like Peking duck and Punjabi chicken samosas. This coastal hideaway also hosts beach vinyasa yoga sessions and a summer festival with live music.

Ajuma, Zandvoort

Noble Tree Cafe

Coffee time? Head to Noble Tree Cafe, the coffee hotspot in Zandvoort city centre that’s a real favourite among locals. Besides the best coffee, there's a tempting menu featuring healthy bowls and fresh juices.

Noble Tree Cafe, Zandvoort



For many years, Timboektoe has had a solid position as one of the best beach cafés on the Dutch coast. The North Pier at Wijk aan Zee is one of the ultimate surfing beaches in the Netherlands – a unique spot to come together and celebrate. Here, you’ll find everything you need for an unforgettable day. Early in 2017, Timboektoe was completely renovated and is now fully committed to sustainability, from organic food to solar panels on the roof. Timboektoe has been awarded the Green Key Gold mark and is open all year.

Timboektoe, Wijk aan Zee


San Blas

From Panama to Amsterdam beach: named after a tropical archipelago, this beach pavilion is open all throughout the year. It is architecturally interesting, too: the eye-catching modern building was constructed using sustainable and reclaimed material, and San Blas is run environmentally consciously, offering affordable organic food, using solar power and avoiding plastic waste as much as possible.

San Blas, Bloemendaal

Aloha Beach

The Aloha beach club brings Hawaii to Holland with a brightly decorated interior, complete with painted wooden masks hung on the walls and a colourful chalk menu board that’s just as artistic as it is informative. It’s the perfect place for surfers, windsurfers and even runners – or just to sit back and relax. Order a pizza piping hot from the brick oven, or browse the menu for organic dishes, fresh juice and homemade sweet treats.

Aloha Beach, Wijk aan Zee

Zilt aan Zee

On the wide beaches of IJmuiden lies this little gem of a beach club, Zilt aan Zee. At this beach club, guests can enjoy sea views, the welcoming atmosphere and the menu year-round. Try one of Zilt aan Zee’s specialities, including cod – straight out of the water, caught by the owner of the beach club – or sole drenched in butter.

Zilt aan Zee, IJmuiden


Bronze Beach

Bronze Beach

Located in an old school building, Bronze Beach is almost completely made of recycled materials, giving it a cosy industrial atmosphere. At night this beach club hosts a varied range of DJs, inspiring live performances and stand-up comedians. Enjoy it all with your feet in the sand or at one of the picnic tables on the terrace.

Bronze Beach, Bloemendaal


Met dank aan Kristel Veerman/Liefs uit Zandvoort