Cycle through the dunes

Amsterdam Beach cycling Nationaal Park ZuidKennemerlandThere’s no better way to explore the distinctive dune landscapes around Amsterdam Beach than on two wheels. Dutch Pedelec Tours allow visitors to cycle with ease through the stunning dune landscape and they even offer route maps and professional guides. You'll find numerous cycle paths through the area - check out these cycleseeing itineraries for more inspiration. The Amsterdam Beach area is easily accessible by bike or train from Amsterdam.

Spot some unexpected wildlife

Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen Deer Photography Hans SplinterThe Zuid-Kennemerland National Park is a stunning nature reserve home to an array of wildlife, including more than 100 bird species, deer, rabbits, Highland cattle and even European bison. Open from sunrise to sunset, the dunes offer various walking and cycling routes, forested areas, lakes and ponds.

Explore hidden military bunkers

Nationaal Park Zuid Kennemerland by Koen SmildeTo the south of Zandvoort, you’ll find a nature reserve called the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen. Home to unique flora and fauna, the area is also home to bunkers that were used as defence lines during the Second World War. Take a walking tour to see these historical sites and you can also spot some of the native wildlife along the way, including foxes and roe deer.

Stop for lunch at a stunning country estate

Duin & Kruidberg AmsterdamCycle through the dunes to the Duin & Kruidberg Country Estate, which is also easily accessible on foot from Santpoort Noord train station. After exploring the interiors and grounds, take a break for lunch or enjoy a coffee on the beautiful garden terrace.

Race supercars and go-karts

Race Planet AmsterdamRacing enthusiasts shouldn’t miss the Circuit Park Zandvoort, nestled amid the dunes. Book an experience with Race Planet to hop in a Lamborghini, Aston Martin or McLaren and test your driving skills, while the younger ones can practice theirs in a go-kart.

Check out some fascinating beach treasures

Jutters Museum The Juttersmu-ZEE-um in Zandvoort is a unique, family-friendly museum dedicated to the artefacts and curiosities collected by local beachcombers. As well as displaying some fascinating treasures - including a series of messages sent in bottles from all over the world - the museum also introduces facts about the local residents and their ties with the sea.

Feel the wind in your sails

Amsterdam Beach blokartingThe beach at IJmuiden is a fantastic spot for sports lovers and thrill-seekers and is particularly renowned for its wind and water sports. Test your balance with stand-up paddle boarding or catch some serious air blokarting – whatever your passion, there’s a place to do it at IJmuiden.

Watch the sun go down from a relaxing terrace

San Blas Amsterdam BeachEnd your day with a cold drink and a perfect sunset in one of the many trendy beach clubs along the coast. The San Blas pavilion in Bloemendaal is open year-round with an environmentally conscious outlook. Serving affordable, organic food and avoiding as much plastic waste as possible it was constructed using sustainable and reclaimed material and runs off solar energy.

Indulge in Michelin-starred dining

De Bokkedoorns If you fancy treating yourself to some top-notch grub, the area is home to a wealth of dining establishments to suit all budgets. Located in the beautiful dunes outside Zandvoort, De Bokkedoorns has a surprisingly relaxed atmosphere considering it boasts two Michelin stars. Seasonal ingredients are prepared with care and imagination offering both an escape from the city and a culinary adventure.

Book an unforgettable night’s stay

Seinpoststelling Amsterdam BeachDon’t fancy leaving the beach so soon? Why not wake up to the sound of the surf by booking a night’s stay at one of the area’s beach cabins, camping grounds or luxury hotels. For many years the Seinpoststelling served as a lighthouse for the harbour of IJmuiden. It now houses a cosily furnished sleeping spot with a spectacular view of the sea and passing boats. Have a read of our accommodation guide for more tips.