The official I amsterdam blog

The I amsterdam blog takes a sideways look at life for visitors, locals and anyone who’s interested in getting under the skin of the city. The blog welcomes contributors (in English or Dutch), so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Photo blogs

Below is a list of blogs that beautifully capture the essence of Amsterdam in photos:

  • A Nether Ending Story: A certified English teacher and writer/editor making a life as an expat in the Netherlands.

  • John does Amsterdam: One day I decided I wanted to move back to Europe, and so, I did. This time I moved to Amsterdam, alone and on a mission to enjoy life (and Europe) as much as possible.

  • La SuSea: Welcome to La SuSea Blog, my creative space dedicated to video, art, photography, design, handmade, travel, culture and my love for the sea. I hope you find some of it inspiring.

Blogs on Dutch culture

These blogs will teach you a thing or two about Dutch culture while giving you a giggle at the same time:

  • 24 Oranges: Dutch things pressed for your pleasure. 

  • Here in Holland: A podcast for internationals about the Netherlands. With stories and interviews, the Here in Holland podcast brings you new insights, top tips and advice from experts so you get the most out of life in the Netherlands.

  • International Locals: Get inspired by life in Amsterdam, written by internationals who've made the city their home.

  • Stuff Dutch People Like: A study of all things Orange. Investigates and highlights the idiosyncrasies of the Dutch.

Personal blogs

A list of interesting personal blogs from expats living in the Netherlands:

  • 103 Weeks: 103 weeks of stories in Amsterdam from this 26-year-old American export.

  • A Flamingo in Utrecht: My new life in the Netherlands. 

  • Amsterdam Wonderland: Amsterdam curated - minus the cliches. A selection of the best restaurants, hotels, shops and activities.

  • Amsterfam: Exploring the practicalities of relocation, from coping as a family to learning a new language.

  • A Wanderlust for Life: A guide to expat life in Amsterdam and European travel.

  • Blue, two, three: Travelling photographer and artist, professional treehugger, (mostly) vegetarian cyclist, German expat living in the Netherlands and married to an American woman.

  • My pal in Amsterdam: An honest guide to favourite places in Amsterdam.

  • Invading Holland: An Englishman in his early 30s with a well documented reputation for accident proneness and bizarre situation finding.

  • Write Now Rebekah: A humorous take on life in Dutch suburbia with two small children.

Food blogs

These Amsterdam food blogs will leave your mouth watering:

  • Amsterdam Foodie: Amsterdam restaurant reviews and decadent dining.

  • Dutch Delights: If you can’t tell the difference between a bitterbal and a kroket or name three patat toppings, then you need to spend some time with Dutch Delights
  • Godful Food: A Russian studying English Linguistics in Amsterdam who has a passion for food and a well-crafted sentence.

  • Vegetarian Duck: A food blog possibly turning into something else. Or possibly remaining its same old cryptic and superficial self.

And the list goes on...

Do you know of a blog that is desperately missing from this list? Contact us!