Moving to Amsterdam

Get set for a new start in Amsterdam: read on for relocation tips and find out about employment, housing, international schools and more.

Relocating to Amsterdam

Moving to a new city is always an exciting step, and if that city is in a new country it makes it even more adventurous. But Amsterdam makes it easy for newcomers to settle in: a cosmopolitan spirit, rich cultural life and large international community come combined with a compact size to make getting around a breeze. But before you settle in, find out what to consider when preparing the big move. Find tips on housing, employment, the education system, official matters and more.

Essentials for moving to Amsterdam

Before your move to Amsterdam: 7 tips

Amsterdam canal Prinsengracht Brouwersgracht Kitty de Jong
Check out these tips about relocating to Amsterdam to help you start preparing for the big move.

Moving to the Amsterdam Area in 10 easy steps

Amsterdam de Pijp CC BY 2.0 Moyen Brenn via Flickr
Follow our handy guide to getting started in the Netherlands in just 10 easy steps.

Bringing a pet

Amsterdam window cat CC BY 2.0 Kitty Terwolbeck via Flickr
Find out all you need to know about taking your pet along on the move to Amsterdam, from relocation to pet passports and vaccinations.

Expat resources

IN Amsterdam Niels Blekemolen
Delve into these essential resources for living, working and playing in Amsterdam.

Interviews and stories

Noord Amsterdam Amano Koning Seqon Marie Charlotte Peze
Read the stories of internationals from around the globe who're living and working in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.