11 concerts under 15 euros in January and February.


A jazz trio from Greece and Brazil with a one-of-a-kind sound.

24th January // Casa Munganga // €10,- // Jazz // Buy tickets

Rebet Guitars

Get a taste of Rebetika music at the Pianola Museum. This evocative folk genre goes back to the Greek 1920s and 1930s, with recurring themes of love, poverty and death.

26th January // Pianola Museum // €10,- // Rebetika // Buy tickets

Two and a half girl

Up-and-coming metal and rock band that has mastered the art of creating the most insane live shows.

1st February // Paradiso // €8,51 // Metal/Hard Rock // Buy tickets


These beasts in fur coats have one mission and one mission only: to throw one heck of a party at the Melkweg. All band members have their roots in the Far East and are masters of blending ska and balkan music with traditional gypsy. All in all, the perfect recipe for a spectacularly rhythmic show!

2nd February // Melkweg // €11,35 //Ska // Buy tickets

The inspector Cluzo

This French duo mixes funk, rock, blues and groove in such ingenious ways, they have managed to forge a wholly new sound.

6th February // Melkweg // €12,50 // Rock/Blues // Buy tickets


If you love Editors or New Order, this punk band is right up your alley. With swooning washes of synth and chiming guitars, Motorama will take you back in time to the 1980s.

7th February // Paradiso // €13,62 // Punk // Buy tickets

The dread crew of Oddwood

Yo ho ho, I’m pleased to announce that my personal favourite is returning to the Netherlands. This motley crew of American pirates infuse folk with raw metal, and top it off with a twist of piracy. That’s right: pirates! An accordion and an Irish bouzouki add a little something extra to the mix. Are you ready for some swashbuckling sounds with this energetic bunch?

7th February // Paradiso // €13,60 // Folkmetal // Buy tickets

Mountain Eye

This super accessible alternative metal band from Amsterdam is definitely worth checking out.

9th February // Melkweg // €7,95 // Metal // Buy tickets

The Revivalists

This swinging rock band has climbed the charts with their song ‘All my Friends’ and is now taking the world by storm with their fourth album ‘Take Good Care’.

9th February // Tolhuistuin // €13,62 // Alternative Rock // Buy tickets

The Murlocs

Currently touring through Europe, this Australian soul and blues band is itching to share their new music with their fans.

14th February // Bitterzoet // €12,50 // R&B // Buy tickets

Easy Life

Just about every imaginable genre is part of this band’s repertoire. Their intricate mix of indie, rock, hip-hop, jazz and funk is unparalleled.

18th February // Paradiso // €9, - // Indie rock // Buy tickets