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Scenic view of Amsterdam city and the river Amstel bridge at night (it's the Magere brug)
Image from Koen Smilde

About amsterdam&partners

We are amsterdam&partners, a public-private foundation set up to enhance the reputation of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area among residents, visitors, and companies. We effectively distribute these target groups around the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area’s unique range of amenities, relying on accurate data and insights, new technologies, and storytelling.

Who we are

Our organization was founded in 2013, under the name Amsterdam Marketing. This organization was born of a merger between Amsterdam Uitburo, Amsterdam Partners, and Amsterdam Toerisme & Congres Bureau. In March 2019, we became amsterdam&partners.

What we do

We contribute to the liveabilityattractiveness, and prosperity of a sustainable and inclusive Amsterdam Metropolitan Area by building a better reputation and effectively guiding residents, businesses, and visitors.

The city is for living, working, and welcoming visitors. Visitors, companies, conferences, and talent are welcome if they add value to the city and its residents and do not cause any disturbance or disruption. Our network comprises more than 800 partners, including government authorities, cultural organizations, the business community, universities and research centres, all of whom help make the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area what it is.

Core tasks

amsterdam&partners’ main activities are:

  • Building and enhancing the reputation of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area;
  • Distributing residents and visitors around the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area’s cultural offerings, facilities and neighbourhoods;
  • Positioning Amsterdam as a sustainable and innovative conference city: attracting, facilitating, and retaining conferences that add value to the Metropolitan Area; 
  • Sharing data and insights with our stakeholders.


I amsterdam is the motto adopted by the Amsterdam brand on the local, national, and international market. It is the slogan of Amsterdam locals and of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. 

By consistently connecting I amsterdam to people, stories, events, happenings, and symbols, I amsterdam has grown into a well-known, strong, and internationally familiar motto. I amsterdam expresses the diversity, cohesion, and individuality of all Amsterdam locals. Together, we make up the Metropolitan Area that we love so much.

Target groups

amsterdam&partners conducts its activities in the interest of the entire metropolitan area. Our primary target groups are residents, visitors and businesses.


Actively participating in culture, discovering new neighbourhoods, meeting fellow residents, and connecting Amsterdam locals to each other and their environment: We direct Amsterdam locals to versatile and colourful neighbourhoods under the ‘I amsterdam' motto, focusing on lesser-known places in familiar neighbourhoods and on the many gems in the lesser-known neighbourhoods.

In this way, we encourage residents to visit wider areas. We use various online and offline communication channels to reach residents. We present all that Amsterdam has to offer in the magazine Uitkrant, via social media channels, on our website, and in campaigns.  


Visitors are an inherent part of Amsterdam's international character. For as long as Amsterdam has existed, travellers have come to our city and stayed here for short and extended periods of time. The city has benefited greatly from the flow of visitors over the last few decades. Unfortunately, we have also experienced issues in certain places, and quality of life has been affected in certain areas. We aim to create a visitor economy that adds value and does not cause disturbance or disruption by 2025. We actively focus on visitors who come for conferences and culture in the broadest sense of the words. 

On our 'I amsterdam' platform, we present all that the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area has to offer. We use our website and social media channels to inform and guide visitors. Plus, the digital I amsterdam City Card gives visitors access to lots of museums in Amsterdam and a few in the Metropolitan Area. Visitors will be welcomed in the I amsterdam Store in Amsterdam main railway station (Centraal Station). 

Read about the advisory report on sustainable visitor economy


Our aim is to help companies recover on a sustainable footing in the post-Covid world and further the development of the MRA as a prosperous, innovative, and sustainable region. Our approach is to focus on companies, talents, and conferences that offer the greatest added value for the region and whose solutions have a role to play in tackling societal challenges in the areas of Health/Life Sciences & Health, Circular Fashion, Nutrition, Sustainable Mobility, Sustainable Construction, and Energy Transition. Our efforts are heavily supported by Technology and Artificial Intelligence. 

Working closely with amsterdam inbusiness (AIB), we will continue building our reputation as a progressive region where you can make an impact; distributing companies, talents, and conferences as effectively as possible. Once those target groups have chosen the MRA, we aim to connect them to regional parties and initiatives, so that they can deliver added value.

For more information, go to


From tailored research to knowledge sessions and access to visitor insights: our partners enjoy an array of exclusive benefits. We offer packages to suit both small enterprises and larger organizations. Through these packages, our 800+ partners contribute to the reputation of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area: as a home to its residents, as a business base for companies, and as a national and international destination for visitors. Benefits are:

  • Access to the ‘I amsterdam’ motto: an internationally familiar brand that unites visitors, residents, and the business community;
  • Extensive company profile, including photos, video, social media plug-in, and link to your own website, placed on; 
  • Introduction as a new partner in the company newsletter (with a reach in excess of 3,000); 
  • Invitation to the annual networking day, including knowledge sessions; 
  • Your own account on Visitor Insight; visitor statistics and trends; 
  • Discount on amsterdam&partner media purchases (see the Media Rates Brochure); 
  • Discount on I amsterdam merchandise purchases and I amsterdam Magazine; 
  • I amsterdam partner button for your own website;
  • Opportunity to take part in national and international press activities; 
  • Opportunities to explore and present city hospitality products.

More information about the various partnership packages can be found on our partner page.

Our editorial team

Steven Strijbosch
Verity Seward
Lesia Joukova
Caitlin McCarthy
Monik Kokkola