Tropenmuseum Junior

Tropenmuseum Junior Amsterdam Ivar Pel

This fascinating museum houses a three-storey collection of artefacts from around the globe, each with its own story to tell about world cultures, past and present. Kids can get stuck into the Tropenmuseum Junior - the oldest children’s museum in the Netherlands - which uses appealing installations that promote seeing, touching, experiencing and participating to promote an open view of the world.

Kinderboerderij De Werf

Just a short walk away from the Science Park train station, this urban farm is home to over 50 critters (big and small) including goats, sheep, donkeys, chickens, peacocks and pigs. Kinderboerderij De Werf has been in existence since the 1990s and is recognised for its particularly high level of animal welfare. Throughout the year, you can stop by for seasonal activities including sheep shearing demonstrations and talks.

Plein Theatre

This unique theatre offers young talent the platform to gain experience and experiment with the performing arts, with a diverse programme orientated towards children and young adults. The agenda includes everything from puppetry to mime, modern dance, hip-hop, youth theatre and world music as well as imaginative workshops, performances and theatre lessons for children of all ages.

Swimming pools

Flevoparkbad Amsterdam

Flevoparkbad is an outdoor swimming complex located on the edge of the spacious Flevopark boasting an Olympic-sized (50-metre) pool for laps, a much shallower pool for children, and a wading pool for toddlers. The best news of all? It’s heated. Surrounding the pool you’ll find lush grassy sunbathing spots, a large playground, a cafeteria and lockers for your valuables. Little ones can also enjoy some splashy times at the Pierenbad in Oosterpark - a delightful paddling pool with water fountains, coloured lights and some other nicely-designed playthings.



Now something for those social media savvy types: a new phenomenon in Amsterdam is the array of interactive museums that have popped up recently, transforming the city into an artistic playground. Youseum is a world of vibrant installations geared towards experimentation and interaction with art: basically, a selfie-heaven. Strike a pose as you explore 30 eye-catching exhibits where you are the artwork, the artist and the critic!

NedPhO Koepel

Amsterdam Netherlands Philharmonic Ronald Knapp

This former church in the Indische Buurt is the home base for the Netherlands Philharmonic and Chamber Orchestras. Anyone who loves music is welcome to attend the free open rehearsals, including special children's concerts on Wednesday afternoons. Check out the agenda as there is also a range of educational activities on offer throughout the year.