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Batavialand is a museum in Lelystad where you can find out how people built wooden sailing ships 400 years ago. Board the spectacular VOC ship the Batavia, dive into the history of Flevoland, and experience the stories of the pioneers.
Image from Koen Smilde

Family and kids in New Land

New Land offers a wealth of architecture and artwork for adults to enjoy. But the polder, which was created in stages starting in the 1950s, is also the perfect place for a family day out. Whether you’re exploring the modern cities of Almere and Lelystad or spotting nature and enjoying the outdoors in reserves such as Nationaal Park Nieuw Land, there’s so much opportunity for family-friendly activities and excursions.

National Park Nieuw Land

Oostvaardersplassen Fighting Stags National Park Nieuw Land
Image from Paul Klaver

Nationaal Park Nieuw Land’s vast, magnificent fields, reed plains, rough grasslands and water courses make it the perfect place to explore on foot or by bike. A great way to discover more about the unique habitat is to take one of the guided nature tours with a ranger. Along the way you can see huge herds of cows grazing on the grasslands, groups of wild ponies roaming the landscape and hundreds of birds soaring in the skies (as well as the chance to spot some birds of prey – including rare sea eagles). It's worth noting that some parts of Nationaal Park Nieuw Land are only accessible on guided tours. There are also opportunities for fishing trips, lessons on how to survive in the wilderness and even some water sports.


Kids playing at Aviodrome Lelystad
Image from Aviodrome

For those who have always dreamed of becoming a pilot, here’s your chance. The flight simulator at the Aviodrome, an aviation museum in Lelystad, is a must-do for flight enthusiasts. Tour a real Boeing 757 jumbo jet (yes, even the cockpit!) and get behind the controls of a F-104 Starfighter simulator to get some real-life pilot training. Then, tour the museum to admire some of its most treasured objects, such as historic pilot and flight attendant uniforms, handbooks and more.


Batavialand is a museum in Lelystad where you can find out how people built wooden sailing ships 400 years ago. Board the spectacular VOC ship the Batavia, dive into the history of Flevoland, and experience the stories of the pioneers.
Image from Koen Smilde

Once you’ve taken command of the skies at the Aviodrome, it’s time to conquer the sea at Batavialand! Climb aboard a replica of the famed Dutch East India Company ship, the Batavia, to get a feel for the water. Then, head to the wharf to learn traditional seafaring trades such as sail making, knot tying and metal forging. Inside the museum, the kids can play and learn about water management at the interactive IJsselkogge exhibition and the dangers of the deep. Also, don’t miss the Flevowand, a 40-metre long, handwoven cloth tracing the history of the Zuiderzee from the Saalien ice age to the present day.

Outdoor Park SEC

Outdoor SEC Almere
Image from Outdoor SEC Almere

Give your family the adventure of a lifetime at Outdoor Park Almere SEC Survivals, where dozens of challenges await you and the kids. Try the Family Survival package, which takes you through an obstacle course and over a jungle bridge, or try the Family Expedition Outdoor, where you can split your family in teams to compete against each other. With this outdoor park, you can finally discover which family member has the best survival skills.

Big Lake

Kids flying a kite at the lake
Image from Claire Droppert

If your kids love the water, a trip to New Land’s Big Lake, which encompasses the IJsselmeer, Markermeer and IJmeer, is the perfect destination. Older kids can participate in adrenaline-packed activities such as windsurfing and flyboarding, while the young ones can go canoeing, sailing, fishing and more. While the kids play in the water, the adults can lounge on the beach with a cool drink. And after a day of exploring New Land’s art and architecture, visit the small harbours and fishing villages along the coastline to enjoy fresh fish, local cuisine and picturesque views. 

De Kemphaan

walking through nature park
Image from Jorn van Eck

For a hands-on nature experience – and plenty for kids to do – head to the De Kemphaan city estate close to Almere centre. This city estate is the perfect destination for an adventurous day away from the hustle and bustle. Children of all ages will delight in the climbing forest, lively organic city farm, centre for rescued monkeys, and canoe beaver safari with a forest ranger.

Stichting AAP

Stichting AAP
Image from Stichting AAP

Animal care organisation Stichting AAP provides shelter to abandoned or neglected animals, in particular all types of monkeys. The foundation strives to place the animals back into the wild after recovery. Take a look behind the scenes of the AAP foundation during a guided tour held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Rondje AAP tour also allows you to explore on your own. Watch the animals in the Monkey House, the quarantine and the chimpanzee building from a distance.


Belevenissenbos Lelystad
Image from @ Fotostudio Wierd

In the Zuigerplasbos, just north of Lelystad, you’ll find adventurous play forest Belevenissenbos. This large, freely accessible nature reserve lives up to its name – ‘experience forest’. These 40 hectares of forest offer exciting adventures for little explorers. There is a motocross track, sand bumps, storm courses, a course of more than 50 obstacles and much more. It’s suitable for children from 6 to 16 years old.


Imagine yourself in prehistoric times at Swifterkamp. The village, essentially an outdoor history museum comprises two farms, a hunter-gatherer hut and three outdoor buildings, makes you feel like you’ve time-travelled to a bygone era. Families sometimes inhabit the area, living life as they would have in the New Stone Age, the time when hunter-gatherers gradually switched to farming life. 


theme park, rollercoaster, amusement park
Image from Walibi Holland

The Netherlands is full of theme parks, and though New Land is new, it has one too. Walibi Holland, one of the best theme parks in the entire country, boasts seven rollercoasters: Goliath, the fastest and highest rollercoaster in the country; Xpress, which takes you from 0 to 90 km/h in just three seconds; and Lost Gravity, the newest and most popular roller coaster. For younger families, take a tour of Merlin’s Magical Castle or take a spin in a bumper car.

Dolfinarium Harderwijk

Image from Dolfinarium

Some kids can’t get enough of the water – and in New Land, there’s plenty of it. Continue the aquatic theme of your family’s holiday with a visit to the Dolfinarium, a spectacular water park that’s home to dozens of dolphins, seals, walruses, sea lions and fish. The events programme includes daily animal presentations, including the impressive and educational dolphin presentation Oceanica and Sea Lion College, where you'll learn all about California sea lions and their natural habitats.

Den Uylpark petting zoo

Den Uylpark Almere
Image from Jorn van Eck

Situated just west of Almere city centre, the petting zoo at Den Uylpark (in Dutch) is easily accessible and invites young and old to get up close with farm animals and other smaller pets, including pigs, ponies, goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs. Its main building is another piece of inspirational architecture, this time designed as a wooden cube. Other petting zoos in Almere include Kinderboerderij De Beestenbende (link in Dutch, just a short walk from station Almere Buiten) and Manege de Stek (link in Dutch, just north of the city centre), which is also a horse stables and offers riding lessons.

Het Vroege Vogelbos

Vroege Vogelbos Almere
Image from Jorn van Eck

Translated as the 'Early Bird Forest', this park in Almere is a friendly and fun option for families – especially those with very young kids. Part forest, part sheep farm, it always promises a calming day out and is particularly exciting during the lambing season. Much of the wool produced from these sheep is sold on site – as well as products made from it – and there are regular wool workshops for young and old. The 1 km and 2 km walking routes make for a lovely stroll with plenty to see. And there are longer cycle routes around and out of the park if you want to explore Almere's countryside and forests further.