Life and death

How do we deal with death? That's the eternal question Museum Tot Zover is dying to answer through its exhibitions in art, photography and history.

The permanent collection touches upon all aspects of burial, cremation and bereavement throughout the ages. It also includes a variety of funeral coaches, including a nineteenth century ceremonial carriage, hearses, obituaries, mourning attire and services. We also look at historical customs, from royal processions to rural ceremonies which have remained unchanged for centuries.

From June 13th 2019 to January 20th 2020, Museum Tot Zover will feature The Last Pet. This temporary exhibition presents contemporary work by artists responding to a growing trend in the Netherlands: mourning animals. The Last Pet pays homage to animals and considers not only the grieving process and compassion for our pets, the rituals and practices surrounding animal death, but also our indifference to other animals.