How to visit Museum Tot Zover with your City Card

It is necessary to reserve a time slot to visit this location with your City Card. Make sure that your City Card is valid at the time of your visit.

Life and death

As humans, we cherish life, but we need death to make it meaningful. Our society is constantly changing. This affects the forms of funeral services, funeral rituals and the way we mourn.

Nederlands Uitvaart Museum Tot Zover tells about our approach to death on the basis of four themes:

  • Rituals
  • The body
  • Mourning and remembrance
  • Memento mori


In addition to the permanent collection, the museum programs groundbreaking exhibitions such as Funeral Train, Afterlife, The Pixelated Revolution, De Vogelvanger and Post Mortem, all of which have received 5-star reviews in the newspapers.

The Funeral Museum provides an overview of the traditions and customs in the field of dying, burial and bereavement in the Netherlands. For example, there are objects related to the funeral industry, such as the uniform of a attractant and a flash syringe, which was used to expel unpleasant smells in mortuary chambers. In addition, attention is paid to modern funeral rituals, for example in other cultures. Artists also have their say.

Guided tours

You can book guided tours through the museum and the grounds of De Nieuwe Ooster. A tour during normal opening hours takes approximately one hour.