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Couple in front of Muiderslot
Image from Muiderslot

10 City Card things to do in Amsterdam for explorers at heart

If you are into broadening your horizons, discovering new things and exploring every place you set foot into, don't miss these City Card attractions and museums in Amsterdam and the area.

Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot

The Muiderslot is a medieval castle in the North Holland town of Muiden, built around 1285, restored to its former glory from 1370 and a national museum since 1878.
Image from Koen Dijkstra

Herengracht 1, 1398 AA Muiden

(regular price €17.50 - free with the City Card)

Image from Mike Bink fotografie

All the family will love Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot. Located in Muiden to the east of Amsterdam, this well-preserved castle dates back to 1280 and is part of the UNESCO-listed Defence Line of Amsterdam. Wander through gorgeous gardens or go on an extraordinary quest with the kids at this enchanting castle.

The windmills and shops of Zaanse Schans

Netherlands rural lanscape - windmills in Zaandam, Netherlands
Image from Dmitry Rukhlenko

Schansend 7, 1509 AW Zaandam

(free with the City Card)

Catch a train from Amsterdam Central Station to Zaandijk Zaanse Schans (not included in the City Card) to discover the beautiful windmills of Zaanse Schans. Wooden houses and windmills from all over the region were relocated to the Zaanse Schans to create a typical 18th/19th-century village. Explore the quaint shops and iconic windmills to get closely acquainted with Dutch culture and history. Zaanse Schans includes the house of Tsar Peter, the windmill museum, a weaver’s house and the Zaan Time museum – all compact enough to explore in one go.

Zaans Museum and Verkade Experience

Image from Mike Bink

Schansend 7, 1509 AW Zaandam

(regular price €14.50 – free with the City Card)

Find out about the history of the region in the Zaans Museum and the art of chocolate-making at Verkade. With an interactive factory interface, you can try your hand at packing bonbons, explore the machinery of the early 20th century and even develop your own chocolate wrapper.

Amsterdam canal cruise

Canal cruise boat goes under the bridge over the Herengracht canal.
Image from Dennis van de Water

(regular price €23 – free with the City Card)

Revel in the beauty of Amsterdam's old centre from the water on a canal cruise. As cyclists zip along the cobblestone streets, you'll pass by historic buildings and duck under bridges. There's simply no better way to see the city.

Cycle around Amsterdam

A couple on rental bikes from Yellow Bike cycle through Bosboom Toussaintstraat.
Image from Roos Trommelen Photography

(regular price €15 - free with the City Card)

Enjoy 24 hours of free bike rental from one of the spots included in your City Card and explore the city as the locals do. Let Amsterdam's winding cobblestone lanes lead you to unexpected adventures. If you aren't used to it, biking in the city centre can be stressful, so be careful and follow traffic rules. Feeling the pressure? Venture into parks such as the Vondelpark for a more relaxed time.

The Dutch Fortress Museum

Image from toerisme gooi en vecht

Westwalstraat 6, 1411 PB Naarden

(regular price €12.5 - free with the City Card)

Head to Naarden, a historic fortified town 45 minutes from Amsterdam famous for its six-pointed star shape, with double ramparts and moats, to explore the Fortress Museum (Vestingmuseum). The site is spread across an open-air plot of land, where you can meander through a collection of historical cannons and a labyrinthine network of underground passageways and vaulted casemates where ancient weapons and artillery are on display. You will have the opportunity to walk along the ramparts and view the fortress from the museum’s boat while learning about the importance of defences throughout the history of the Netherlands.

Zuiderzee open-air museum

Wierdijk 12 - 22, 1601 LA Enkhuizen

(regular price €19.5 - free with the City Card)

At the Zuiderzee Museum you fill find an indoor-outdoor museum with an impressive collection of antique fishing boats and displays of ornate handicrafts. If you are visiting with kids, the little ones can get a taste of life in the Netherlands in the early 20th century by taking part in chores like cleaning, dusting and sweeping. There are also traditional games for them to play and special activities on certain days, including clog painting and writing lessons using an old-fashioned dip pen. When you’re done, stop by the gift shop for a discount on smoked herring, a local speciality.

Molen van Sloten - Kuiperijmuseum

Molen van Sloten
Image from amsterdam&partners

Image from Amie Galbraith

Windmill van Sloten, Akersluis 10, 1066 EZ Amsterdam

(regular price €8 – free with the City Card)

Visit the only mill open to the public in Amsterdam. The Sloten Windmill is a reconstructed mill from 1847. Enthusiastic volunteers will give you a detailed guided tour through the mill and, if possible, show how the mill’s vanes rotate. Check out the 7 Deugden brewery next door for a special craft beer infused with spices and herbs.

This is Holland

This is Holland people posing with the collection
Image from This is Holland

Overhoeksplein 51, 1031 KS Amsterdam

(regular price €26 – free with the City Card)

Discover how the Netherlands reclaimed land from the sea with mounds, dikes, polders and windmills and embark on a 5D interactive flight experience across the most spectacular places in the Netherlands. With over 22 incredible locations across the country brought into reality through a mixture of flight and special effects including wind, mist, and scent, you will be transported straight into the clouds as you brave storms and rise high above the land in This is Holland.

Johan Cruijff Arena

Johan Cruijff ArenA AJAX football stadium
Image from Jorrit Lousberg

Johan Cruijff Boulevard 1, 1101 AX Amsterdam

(25% discount with the City Card)

Step into the world of AFC Ajax with a visit to the Johan Cruijff ArenA! Take an hour-long tour of the stadium in Amsterdam Zuidoost with an experienced guide to learn all about the ins & outs of the legendary football club, smell the grass and enter the dugout. If it is not a training or match day, you can even take a look in the Ajax dressing room.