'Human interest movies'

Initiator Feargal Agard set up a film festival that focuses on so-called 'human interest films', a niche still missing in the Dutch film landscape.

Humans of Film Festival means films that focus on people, their experiences and their living environment. In an increasingly polarizing society on a social and political level, it tries to create space for confrontations, where stories are told and shared by people who are not allowed to speak out.

Sharing stories

According to the organizers, it is more important than ever to share stories from and by people who are often not heard in our society and beyond and shed light on social realities that have been given too little attention for far too long.

But the festival wants to go further than addressing the problems in the world. Through Q&As, talks and debriefings with various speakers and representatives of local organizations, the organizers want to make the universal topics tangible for the Amsterdam public. For more information, visit the Humans of Film Festival website.