No evening is the same in a lively park

The musical program of the ARTIS Summer Nights has been announced. During this 19th edition, attend performances by FRIDAY, Ciao Lucifer, Lorren, Inge Lamboo, Remme, Supermoon, Goldkimono and Julian du Perron. Surrounded by golden-cheeked gibbons, Chilean flamingos and the many trees, flowers and plants, an artist plays every Saturday from 19:00 - 20:00 on the Bandstand. During the golden evening hours, the picnic blankets are rolled out and dancing takes place, barefoot in the grass.

From 16:30, talent from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam will create a sultry, summery evening atmosphere with acoustic jazz at several stages around the park and you can conclude the evening with an evening tour of the park during dusk.

Kareltje and Sjonnie for the youngest visitors

What do the little panda, nettles and griffon vultures have in common? The youngest visitors discover in a new treasure hunt through the park who nature's smartest helpers are and how they can be a helper themselves. The Zoomer Evening program also starts every Saturday at 16.30 with a children's activity at the Music Tent. For example, Job Schuring, the creator of songs and stories of 'Kareltje and Sjonnie', will perform. The musical hamster and giraffe who formed a friendship for life. For the early birds, there is a performance of Poppenkast op de Dam on Sunday morning, you can listen every day to stories from the animal caretakers in different places in the park with ARTIS Tells or are you going on holiday among the stars in the ARTIS Planetarium.

Practical information

Summer is celebrated in ARTIS from 9 July to 4 September. The Zoomer Evening program starts every Saturday at 16.30 and lasts until sunset.

Ticket prices for adults: €10 in presale, €15 regular price and free admission for ARTIS members.

Ticket prices for children: €5 in presale, €10 regular price.