How to visit the Tsar Peter House with your City Card

It is not necessary to reserve a time slot to visit this location with your City Card. Make sure that your City Card is valid at the time of your visit.

The museum

The museum is a building within a building: a wooden house converted by a stone canopy. The wooden house was built in 1632, making it one of the oldest wooden houses in the Netherlands. It has been preserved due to the fact that Peter the Great lived in it for 8 days in 1697 during his stay in the Netherlands.


The tsar came especially to the Zaan region to study shipbuilding. The interior of the house includes a number of furniture from the time of Peter the Great, a number of paintings, engravings and etchings. The stone canopy was commissioned by Tsar Nicholas II, the last Tsar of Russia. The architectural style is late 19th century; a Russian Orthodox church served as an example in this respect.


The Czaar Peterhuisje reopened in March 2013 after an intensive restoration. Without intervention, the national monument would have sunk further and further into the ground, and woodworm had also been found in the foundation. The reopening took place in the bilateral Netherlands-Russia year.