How to visit The Tsar Peter House with your City Card

In order to visit this venue with your City Card, you are required to book a timeslot in advance. Reserve a timeslot by following this link, fill in the information and the venue will contact you about your timeslot. Please make sure your City Card is valid at the time of your visit.


The Czar Peter House is a historic architectural example of the region from the 17th century and has already been preserved for centuries. It has a chapel-like brick building surrounding it, protecting it from the elements. But the building was still in need of greater work to ensure its survival for future generations. This has entailed extensive work on the stone floors and walls, roof, brickwork and window frames so that once again the public can experience this historic piece of 17th-century Dutch architecture, as well as the various paintings of Peter and other Romanovs that adorn the walls.