Café Heffer is and will remain a pub, but a permanent Baantjert exhibition has been set up on the ground floor. There is no entrance fee for the museum and the tap is open as usual.

Appie's private collection

There is a replica of the bar where Detective De Cock and his assistant Vledder regularly took an alcoholic drink in the popular TV series Baantjer. Appie Baantjer has donated many items from his private collection to the museum, such as photos of the author and first editions of his books. Fans provide scrapbooks and photos and former agents have also been asked to hand over items from the 'Job Period'. For example, an agent donated a saber to the museum.


The museum can only be visited by appointment for groups and on Mondays for individuals. The various criminal group outings of Van Aemstel Produkties start from the museum café.