Green transport

Two wheels are better than four

Amsterdam bike tour Yellow cycling biking

Amsterdam’s clean air and lush greenery is protected by the locals’ transportation of choice. Cycling is a way of life for Amsterdammers of all ages and abilities, and the well-designed cycle lanes and flat streets make joining in as easy as, well, riding a bike. Renting a bike is the best way to get around, or even to explore the countryside by following the Amstel to local farm stalls.

De Ceuvel  

Sustainable playground

Amsterdam’s De Ceuvel is a business park like no other. In fact, it’s more of a sustainable playground where houseboats are repurposed for work spaces and event venues and the organic café uses kitchen waste to fertilise its garden and fruit trees. You can kick back in a hammock, check out the events and taste the chef’s special using local and sustainable produce.  

Nourishing juices

Fuel up sustainably

Fuel up for a day of sightseeing with a nutrient-packed juice from one of Amsterdam’s many cold pressed juice bars. Dr. Blend and Juice Brothers are two local brands that use sustainable and organic fruit and vegetables to make tasty smoothies, juices and cleansing concoctions.  

Amsterdam parks and forests

Green urban planning

Amsterdam’s urban developers were ahead of their time in realising the effect that green spaces have on a community’s wellbeing. Today the city flourishes with rows of trees, gardens, extensive parks and its own inner city forest, Amsterdamse Bos, designed in the 1920s.  

Restaurant Instock 

Solutions to surplus food

Restaurant Instock Amsterdam Hannah Hachula

What better way to solve the modern world’s problem of food wastage, than by putting innovative chefs to the challenge? Instock rescues 1000 kilograms of food a week from local supermarkets and transforms it into culinary masterpieces for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A new selection of vibrant dishes is offered every day.  

Eco hotels

Sleep with a clean conscience

Environmentally-friendly accommodation need not mean forgoing a luxury hotel. Conscious Hotels near Vondelpark or Museumplein are excellent examples of stylish, sustainable accommodation with energy efficient amenities, organic towels, recycled furniture and a bike rental service. The Green Key endorses this and many more sustainable hotels. If budget is a key consideration, then Ecomama offers luxury hostel accommodation with sustainability and connectedness in mind.

Pedalo power

Engine-free exploration

Explore the historic Canal Ring, and get a gentle workout in at the same time! Pedalos, or canal bikes, are a fun way to cruise through the waterways at your own pace. They are generally less expensive than a typical canal cruise too.


Beauty with soul

This local beauty brand is not only sustainable and paraben-free, but actively supports clean drinking water projects in developing countries. For every product purchased at Marie-Stella-Maris, from luxe skincare to heavenly scented candles, a proportion of the proceeds are donated. Visit the flagship store on Keizersgracht, or retailers such as Marqt.

Restaurant De Kas 

Gourmet greenhouse

De Kas offers a dining experience that is so close to nature you will feel positively virtuous (even after three courses and wine pairings!). Step into a beautiful former greenhouse and be treated to the chef’s menu based on ingredients fresh from the restaurant’s own gardens.

LENA fashion library 

Sustainable shopping

In an effort to tackle the staggering amounts of textile waste we generate every year, LENA fashion library is an innovative concept that allows you to borrow quality vintage and designer clothing and return it at the end of the month. If you’re not staying in Amsterdam long enough to subscribe, you can also purchase items and do your bit to give garments a new lease on life.  

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