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Family picking fruit at Fruittuin van West
Image from Amie Galbraith

Must-visit urban farming and sustainable initiatives in Amsterdam

As more residents embrace the value of locally produced food, Amsterdam is becoming a hub for sustainable living. From city vineyards to circular pig farms, the capital is home to diverse forms of sustainable agriculture and flourishing as a landscape for conscious consumption.


Image from Noordoogst

In the heart of Noord, this thriving organic self-harvest garden is home to a diverse bounty of 70+ vegetables, berries, and flowers in every colour. A cornerstone of the Urban Agriculture Project, NoordOogst boasts a 13-strong collective of eco-entrepreneurs who work to sustain the neighbourhood with local produce. Residents can subscribe to a harvest plan, contributing to an ecosystem of planting and seeding. And beyond providing fresh produce to locals, the garden serves as a hub for workshops and events nestled within its organic food forest.

NoordOogst | Meteorenweg 272


Mediamatic art centre greenhouse gardens
Image from Bas Uterwijk

Urban agriculture plays a pivotal role in Amsterdam's sustainability objectives. More than just greening neighbourhoods, it acts a catalyst for building social bonds and a deeper connection with food. At Mediamatic, urban farming has a culinary twist courtesy of innovative experiments where visitors are treated to lectures, hands-on workshops, and nutritious meals courtesy of Mediamatic ETEN.

Mediamatic | Dijksgracht 6

Wijn van Bret

Bret garden urban vineyard wine tasting
Image from amsterdam&partners

Nestled near Sloterdijk station, this urban vineyard offers courses and tastings, inviting wine enthusiasts to explore the art of crafting bespoke organic blends. At Bret's vineyard, beyond enjoying fine wines, visitors can delve into hands-on experiences, learning the intricacies of winemaking from grape to bottle. This hidden gem promises to be a journey for novices and seasoned connoisseurs alike.

Wijn van Bret | Kastrupstraat 11

De Herkomst

A circular pig farm focused on preventing food waste, De Herkomst is where customers can purchase locally farmed meat while also learning more about food production. The Dutch Land Pigs are fed with GFT waste from local farms, addressing the issue of unused food. The farm's mission is to provide sustainable solutions and ensure the pigs have a good life, allowing them to enjoy a more natural existence. Visitors or children with a particular interest in the pigs also have a chance to spend time feeding and playing with these friendly companions.

De Herkomst | Osdorperweg 787

Fruittuin van West

Family and kids picking fruit at Fruittuin van West
Image from Amie Galbraith

This professional organic farm spans 16 hectares, with four and half of that dedicated to apples, pears, and cherries. The garden and its produce are grown via innovative practices like combining cherries with raspberries while free-roaming hens – whose eggs you can purchase – contribute to soil enrichment and pest control. The orchard also includes half a hectare of community-supported agriculture horticulture, nature areas, meadows with cows, an organic shop, a playground, and meeting rooms.

Fruittuin van West | Tom Schreursweg 48

Pluk! Groenten van West

If Fruittuin van West is for harvesting fruit, then Pluk! is the spot to pick your fresh vegetables. Every week from early May until December, visitors harvest their own legumes, herbs, and flowers. In addition, the farm organises a yearly Late Summer Fest, a cosy get-together with workshops, films, and activities.

Pluk! Groenten van West | Tom Schreursweg 48

Restaurant De Kas

Glass house
Image from Ronald Hoeben

De Kas' motto is: “Harvested in the morning, on your plate in the afternoon” – and in Amsterdam, that's just what they do. De Kas’ greenhouses serve to grow herbs and edible flowers for their rotating menu, and nursery plants which help sustain their other garden located in Beemster. Employing garden and hydroponic methods, the greenhouses ensure a continuous year-round harvest of watercress, celery, purslane, and other leafy vegetables. Elsewhere, the garden in Beemster provides an additional hectare of land and greenhouse space, contributing to a diverse range of vegetables and fruits that are ready for the menu, from tomatoes and aubergines to potatoes, courgettes and runner beans.

Restaurant De Kas | Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3