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Rollende Keukens food festival
Image from Rollende Keukens

Best food stands in Amsterdam

Forget boring kebab and hot dog stands: these Amsterdam food trucks offer original, tasty and often healthy food that will impress you.


People standing outside the Dumplings snack bar waiting for some delicious duck pancakes
Image from Alex Cheuk

Step to this window-serve stand for homestyle Chinese food. The perfectly crispy and soft dumplings are worth the 10-minute wait in the queue. Do not miss the Peking crêpes which come with Peking duck or bacon, together with egg, prawn crackers, soy sauce, sesame, oyster sauce and coriander. There is also a vegetarian option which is finger-licking good. Everything on the Dumplings menu is packed with flavour and affordable, just as a good lunch stop should be.

Dumplings | Nassauplein 60

IKARIA Coffee Kiosk

An ice-cold Freddo Espresso with a homemade spanakopita: a spinach and feta filo pastry. Is there a better pairing than that? The IKARIA coffee kiosk pairs Greek delicacies with coffee. Perhaps this hotspot can’t be called a classic food stand, but this Greek oasis absolutely earns a spot on this list.

IKARIA Park | Bilderdijkpark 108K

Baked by Salvo

You will find Baked by Salvo on Hugo de Grootstraat 9h every Saturday. Salvo brings traditional recipes, forgotten desserts and unexpected flavours from Italy to Amsterdam. Try the ‘Maritozzo', a brioche with a fresh sweet taste of lemon and orange, filled with fresh whipped cream. Perhaps not the neatest of eating experiences, but worth every delectable bite.

Baked by Salvo | Amstel 51


Frieterie Zwagers, run by brothers-in-law, has no wheels but a permanent place on the Saïdja and Adinda bridge. Here, all fries are cut and fried in front of you, so that you can enjoy the fresh fries in the sun on a bench by the canal. 

Zwagers | Bos en Lommerplantsoen 2

Mr Blou I Love You

Former Michelin chef Faycal Souid opened the healthy and delicious street food kiosk Mr Blou I Love You in 2017, believing that good food should be available to everyone. Expect organic food here, such as coffee from LOT61 with a slice of banana bread, smoothies in a variety of flavours, and delicious wraps with perhaps the best falafel in Amsterdam, best paired with fresh water straight from a coconut.

Mr Blou I Love You | Elandsgracht 150

Vleesch Noch Visch

From market stall to festival: the creative vegan street food bar & food truck Vleesch Noch Visch is anywhere and everywhere. Fortunately, you won't miss them at their permanent location on Schaepmanstraat. The menu here features their famous gyros with fresh tzatziki and fresh vegetables, but also offers pitas, soups and salads.

Vleesch Noch Visch | vaste locatie op de Schaepmanstraat 2

Midyeci Tufan

Amsterdam’s favourite Mideyeci Tufan translates quite literally to mussel flood. In Istanbul, you can find stuffed mussels on every corner of the street, but it’s not yet widely known in Amsterdam. Fortunately, mussel lovers can find them in Osdorp. Meat lover? Then you've come to the right place for kokoreç: a grilled dish made from the entrails of a goat or lamb. It might not sound appetising, but believe us when we say: it’s worth a try.

Midyeci Tufan | Osdorper Ban 156