Resources for expats living in the Amsterdam Area

If you're living in the wider Amsterdam area, then this list of essential resources for living, working and playing in the region should help you feel right at home in no time. 

Resources for expats

Advice and support for expats

ACCESS has a team of volunteers ready to provide info, advice and anything else you might need for moving to or living in the Netherlands.

Books about Amsterdam

Amsterdam books reading
A selection of books covering culture, business and living in the Netherlands. The perfect way to help you understand the Dutch way of life.

Expat blogs

Amsterdam canal houses bridge bikes, Cindy Koning
Our list of notable expat blogs about life in the Netherlands, capturing the essence of Amsterdam in pictures and words.

International media

Athenaeum Boekhandel Henny Boogert
Our pick of the best media available to expats in the Netherlands, including magazines, radio, websites and bookstores.

My first month booklet

Amsterdam canal sunset in summer
This complimentary booklet contains a wealth of information for international newcomers, including frequently asked questions and useful contacts.

Five reasons to learn Dutch

Learning Dutch can open up new opportunities and enhance your experience of living in the Netherlands. Find out how here.


Biking on bridge sunset Amsterdam CC BY-SA 2.0 Daniel Wehner via Flickr
Find help with concerns surrounding legal matters, financial issues, mental health and more.


!WOON is a tenant support agency that offers free advice for renters in Amsterdam.

Other important resources