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Aan de Poel restaurant interior
Image from Aan de Poel

Restaurants and bars in Amstelveen

Amstelveen’s culinary scene will wow you with its offering of fine dining and stunning terraces.

Ron Gastrobar Indonesia

Ron Gastrobar’s restaurant is the perfect place for a summer meal, with a terrace overlooking the picturesque bank of the Amstel River. The menu celebrates the Indonesian ‘rijsttafel’ or rice table: a bountiful parade of small signature Indonesian dishes accompanied by rice. There is also an à la carte menu which features 5 varieties of sate sauce.

Ron Gastrobar Indonesia | Amstelzijde 51, Amstelveen

Aan de Poel

Aan de Poel restaurant interior
Image from Aan de Poel

Aan de Poel holds two Michelin stars and is known to be a shining fixture in the Amsterdam Area’s fine dining scene. Highlighting seasonal produce and local flavours, the restaurant also holds a collection of over 600 wines. Adding to the culinary experience, the restaurant has sweeping views over the De Poel lake. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the views of the setting sun at this beautiful location.

Aan de Poel | Handweg 1, Amstelveen

De Amsteltuin vineyard

The Amsteltuin vineyard is home to 3,500 vines of five grape varieties which grow on more than one hectare: Solaris, Johanniter, Souvignier Gris, Pinotin and Cabernet Cortis. Guests are welcome to enjoy a high wine basket in the heart of the winery or take a tour with tasting on the terrace days.

de Amsteltuin vineyard | Langs de Akker 5


Restaurant Micaro offers modern Asian Fusion cuisine right in the heart of Amstelveen. The chefs utilise Japanese and ancient Chinese techniques by cooking with respect for nature as authentically as possible. You can choose from three tasting menus or let the chef surprise you. With a focus on seasonal products, the menu ensures that everything is fresh, guaranteeing a quality experience.

Restaurant Micaro | Dorpsstraat 90, Amstelveen


SAAM combines the best of South African and Dutch gastronomy in collaboration with Margot Jansea. The restaurant offers a 5-course menu that can be enjoyed with views overlooking the Amstel River. A special SAAM Roast is available on Sundays.

SAAM | Amstelzijde 59, Amstelveen

De Jonge Dikkert windmill

De Jonge Dikkert Restaurant Amstelveen
Image from Arjen Kräwinkel

Dine in an authentic 17th-century windmill in the beautiful Amstelveen. The restaurant offers a range of chef’s menus from 3 and up to 7 courses to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. The chef takes advantage of Dutch products by transforming them in unusual ways, often by using Asian influences.

De Jonge Dikkert | Amsterdamseweg 104a, Amstelveen

Amber Garden

Enjoy upscale Chinese cuisine in a chic and modern setting. With a particular focus on authenticity, the chefs honour traditions while introducing Western influences through textures, freshness, balance, and more. Amber Garden urges you to explore Chinese food through a shared table where flavours can be combined for the most impact. A multiple-course Compass menu is also available to introduce you to the 4 culinary regions of China.

Amber Garden | Van Heuven Goedhartlaan 15, Amstelveen