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Financial services and FinTech in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a long and illustrious heritage of financial innovation. It established the world’s first central bank, was the cradle of the world’s first joint stock company and provided one of the earliest examples of a company pension scheme. Today, Amsterdam is a leading force in FinTech and one of the most innovative of the major financial centres in Europe.

  • Access to a highly skilled, multilingual talent pool
  • Renowned work-life balance and quality of life
  • The fastest broadband speeds in Europe
  • A cutting-edge and thriving FinTech industry
  • 30% tax advantage for highly skilled migrants
  • Gateway to Europe and beyond: well-connected by land, water and air

Innovation, talent and digital connectivity

As the home of the largest data transport hub in the world – the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) – the Dutch capital has one of the most impressive digital infrastructures in Europe. This guarantees the fastest and best possible transmission and execution of instructions, payments and orders. No wonder so many high-profile industry leaders, such as KPMG, Nauta Dutilh and IMC, are located in Amsterdam. Year on year, Dutch dominance in the digital arena continues to attract many innovative financial businesses and startups. It is the largest sector in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, accounting for 25% of the regional economy (GDP of the region) and providing 255,000 jobs – roughly 19% of the employment market in the area.

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