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Looking for additional information about the Building Better Business (BBB) programme? Browse our frequently asked questions to learn more about the certification process, entry criteria and how you can sign up.

Q: Are there companies that fit more with the Economy for the Common Good (ECG) certification criteria and others that better match the B Corp criteria?

A: Not necessarily. However, please remember that only private companies can achieve a B Corp certification, whereas any organisation could potentially gain an ECG certification.

Q: How much does the whole certification process cost?

A: This depends on company size and turnover. Please check the B Corp and ECG websites for the relevant certification costs.

Q: What is the reasoning behind the criterion of at least ten employees? Does the programme accept applicants with fewer than ten employees?

A: It is difficult to get certified if your company has fewer than ten employees since you need to meet specific standards, which are harder to meet with a smaller staff. If you have slightly fewer employees, please get in touch with us to discuss the possibility of joining the BBB programme.

Q: How much time does the whole certification process take?

A: It depends on the complexity of your organisation, but it is safe to say that it can be a long-term process since you need to formalise your impact goals. We encourage you to look at it as an investment that helps you accelerate and manage your positive impact on people and the planet.

Q: Is Building Better Business only accessible to companies from the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area?

A: Your business can be based anywhere as long as it also has a registered office in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

Q: What is the added value of participating in the BBB programme versus obtaining the certification independently?

A: During BBB, you will receive expert support, guidance and tools and learn alongside like-minded peers. You can become certified more quickly by avoiding the need to reinvent the wheel. In addition, you will get access to inspirational events and the City of Amsterdam's extensive network.

Q: How many companies joined the programme in the first cohort? 

A: Around 25 companies. They are still in the certification process. 

Q; How do I sign up?

A; Please apply here [registration currently closed].

Q: Is it possible to get certified as a B Corp and an ECG company?

A: Yes! You can also join both tracks during the BBB programme, provided that you fully attend both tracks. You will only receive one voucher for certification costs.

Q: Can two people from my company join the programme?

A: Absolutely! Please ensure that one of you is a decision-maker on impact, sustainability or supply chain management.