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Conscious shopping Noord

Kick off your journey through Amsterdam Noord with a visit to an urban agriculture project featuring a unique restaurant. Along the way, you can check out Europe's first shop with children's dolls in all colours, find pre-loved clothes and home decor items and watch the sun go down at a cosy beach pavilion created by locals.

Conscious shopping Noord route map

Roetz Bikes

Circular bicycles from an inclusive workplace

Roetz believes in second chances – both for bikes and people. This social enterprise creates new, modern (electric) bicycles from discarded bike frames. And in the Fair Factory, people who have struggled with finding employment train to become experienced bicycle mechanics with better prospects for a permanent job.

Roetz Bikes | Schaafstraat 17


Creative breeding ground and neighbourhood meeting place

Various social entrepreneurs and creatives work at the Modestraat. For instance, Bakkie Noord serves affordable coffee and lunch, while Wisselboutique is the place for swapping clothes. Check the agenda for a wide range of exhibitions, workshops, live music or dinners by local chefs.

Modestraat | Buikslotermeerplein 15

De VerbroederIJ

De VerbroederIJ
Image from De VerbroederIJ

A cosy beach pavilion created by locals

The VerbroederIJ is a city beach with a pavilion, a community vegetable garden and a place where people from the neighbourhood can come together. It is an initiative devised and realised together with the local community. So go and have lunch or dinner, help in the garden, join the community meals or relax by the fireplace or on the terrace.

De VerbroederIJ | Johan van Hasseltweg 21

Colourful Goodies

The first shop in Europe with dolls in all colours

Every child should have a doll in which they recognise themselves. At Colourful Goodies, you can find various dolls with different hairstyles, headscarves, vitiligo, albinism or Down syndrome. All contribute to spreading the same message: there is beauty in diversity.

Colourful Goodies | Van der Pekstraat 75H

Café De Ceuvel

Image from Arne Elgersma

Vegan eatery on a sustainable hotspot

From lunch to dinner and drinks, the menu includes inspiring plant-based dishes with sustainably sourced ingredients. The cafe is part of De Ceuvel, a unique experiment where urban planners, sustainable and social entrepreneurs, and creatives work on positively impacting people and the planet.

De Ceuvel | Korte Papaverweg 4

Rookie de Recyclekid

Bring in and buy preloved children's clothing and accessories

This store wants to contribute to a more sustainable future by selling second-hand, good-quality kids' clothing from beautiful brands. Want to get a nice discount? Bring in your preloved clothes, shoes and books. Rookie also offers colourful gifts and children's books in its two Noord locations/

Rookie de Recyclekid | Van der Pekstraat 101 and Purmerplein 20A

De Woensdagwinkel

Second-hand clothes for everyone

Adults and children can visit this store on Wednesdays to browse a wide selection of fabulous vintage and preloved clothing at affordable prices. €1 of every item sold goes to charity.

De Woensdagwinkel | Schaafstraat 21

NoordOogst + Pof

An urban agriculture project and a unique restaurant

This project combines agriculture, catering, sustainable business, markets and vegetable gardens, where residents, volunteers and people at a distance from the labour market work together. Come watch, join in or follow a workshop. At NoordOogst you can also find Pof, a restaurant that cooks in a specially designed oven at high temperatures without adding water or oil. The menu is mainly vegetarian, but you can also enjoy vegan and non-industrial meat dishes.

NoordOogst + Pof | Meteorenweg 272-280

Zorgboerderij Ons Verlangen

Image from Irma Chaigneau

An organic daycare farm with a vending machine

Find this organic dairy farm with horses, chickens, goats, rabbits and pigs in the peat meadows at the edge of Amsterdam. The farm also has a daycare project for about 60 people who help out on the farm. These are people with a physical or mental disability, psychological problems or at a distance from the labour market. Support the farm's social mission by purchasing dairy, fair trade meat products, homemade jam, onions and potatoes at the vending machine at Liergouw 68.

Kringloop De Lokatie

Environmentally conscious and affordable shopping

Dig for treasures at De Lokatie, a recycling company with two stores in Noord. Find anything and everything you can think about, including clothing, art, pottery and tableware. The stores are also workplaces for people facing difficulties in finding permanent employment. Here they help unload and sort items, for instance, but also learn how to repair, display and sell.

De Lokatie | Distelweg 85 and Buikslotermeerplein 6