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Conscious shopping Amstelveen

Spend a sustainable day in Amstelveen with these special hotspots. Start at De Boshalte where bicycle rental and delicacies meet social involvement, then dive into De Boem for vintage finds and end your day with organic products at the Ridammerhoeve Goat Farm. Experience these and many other sustainable flavours from Amstelveen.

Duurzaam winkelen en eten, routekaart.
Image from Monique Wijbrands

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De Boshalte

Image from Eliane Roest

Discover bicycle rentals, delicious treats and social involvement at De Boshalte in the heart of the Amsterdamse Bos. The café works with people who are at a distance from the labour market, making it a warm meeting place filled with neighbourhood activities, especially for seniors and those with a smaller wallet. Taste sustainable and vegan delicacies, with a focus on Blue Mountain coffee. With the 'delayed coffee' initiative you can also donate a cup of coffee to those struggling financially. At De Boshalte, small gestures make a big impact!

Ridammerhoeve Goat Farm

Goats eating some delicious food at the Geitenboerderij Ridammerhoeve goat farm in the Amsterdamse Bos
Image from Mike Rijpsma

All visitors, from families to nature lovers, will experience a warm welcome at Geitenboerderij (Goat Farm) Ridammerhoeve. Here you will not only meet the goats, but discover how social involvement and inclusivity are also central. The farm offers space for people with care needs and organises job training for those who want to get back into the work rhythm after, for example, a burnout. In the farm shop, find fresh, organic products including fresh goat's milk, which they also process into various dairy products such as cheese, yoghurt, butter and their famous goat's milk ice cream.

Naked Brewers/ANNA

Image from Robin Jansen Hendriks

The name does not refer to the brewers' lack of clothing but to the purely natural composition of the beers, all made with organic ingredients. Since 2022, most beers at ANNA have been certified organic, exclusively using organic raw materials. And you can taste the difference! Although it is not yet possible to make the beers 100% organic, they aim to do so in the future. The tasting room serves a total of 25 beers on tap and in bottle, all with a beautiful view of the brewery and the former altar of the church.

De Boem

Kringloopwinkel in Amstelveen
Image from Daan Media

At De Boem, you will find a diverse range of second-hand items across their two thrift stores: the Binderij for furniture, toys and curiosities, and the Ziederij for clothing, accessories and books. What makes them unique is the combination of sustainability and social well-being. The store helps people with limited opportunities in the labuor market by offering a sheltered working environment and meaningful daytime activities. In addition, young people with community service orders have the opportunity to learn and grow within this sustainable and social environment. and Worldwide Vintage

Exterior of second hand store in Amstelveen, pink carpet
Image from

Looking to update your wardrobe with pieces from exclusive designer products but in good conscience? At 2ndX you can find exclusive second-hand clothing and accessories from their daily-changing range. And if you still have gems in your closet that you'd like to trade in, then become a customer, hand in designer products yourself, receive a share of the proceeds and potentially score new items. And if you still haven't found your favourite new pre-loved piece, then stop by Worldwide Vintage for even more rare vintage items of which only one exists in the world. There's no better way to save the environment and your wallet.


Exterior of Elsenhoeve farm

At the Elsenhove farm, nature, adventure and sustainability go hand in hand. This is where children (and adults) come together to play, learn and enjoy the outdoors. The farm exudes sustainability, with green roof tiles that retain rainwater, allowing plants to bloom on the roof and bees to collect their nectar. Get to know rare Dutch farm animals here and visit the tHuis op Elsenhove for fresh, organic products such as homemade bread and icecream. They only work with producers who have as much love for their organic products as they do.

Pluktuin Amstelveen

Pluktuin Amstelveen
Image from Pluktuin Amstelveen

Pluktuin Amstelveen's bounty extends across all four seasons. From tulips in the spring to dahlias in the autumn, all flowers here are grown organically. The picking garden mainly uses flowers from their own garden, but these are supplemented where necessary with flowers from local growers. In addition to the picking garden, they organise various activities and workshops. Learn to make flower arrangements, participate in a painting or mosaic workshop and fill a bucket with colourful flowers in the picking garden.