Interior ramp

Renault Nederland’s entire technical and commercial activities were housed in this building. Apart from a showroom for new cars, there was also a workshop, a warehouse and a petrol station in front. An interior ramp brought cars to the different floors and to the roof. Renault was able to build this large building thanks to the successful sales of the ‘Dauphine’ (car model). This placed Renault at second place on the Dutch market.


Construction of the Renault garage, 1959

The Renault Dauphine

Renault launched the Dauphine (‘crown princess’) in 1956. The car was an immediate hit among both men and women. Renault had invested much in the appearance of the car. The bodywork was available in fresh colours and the fabrics for the interior were specially designed for the Dauphine. The Dauphine was one of the most popular French cars of all time. When production ended twelve years later, more than two million had been sold worldwide.


The Renault building currently houses a restaurant and BNR radio

New use

In 2000, Renault moved to Schiphol-Rijk (industrial estate). The building was then converted into office space and facilities. Since its renovation, the building has been occupied by companies such as the Het Financieele Dagblad (newspaper), BNR Nieuwsradio and Café-restaurant Dauphine.


The garage's ramp now leads to the current parking garage