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For most people new to Amsterdam, places and faces will be unfamiliar. Overcoming this, de-stranger your environment and join a few groups to strike up professional networks (and possibly friends). It's always easier to find a job through a close contact or by word-of-mouth. Amsterdam's expat community is surprisingly tight-knit, making for many likely encounters and acquaintances.

Recruitment agencies in Amsterdam

Recruitment agencies (uitzendbureaus) are located all over the city, with names such as Kelly Services and Adecco easily identifiable to most English-speakers. Like anywhere, there are agencies that specialise in temp positions, meaning one can find work quite quickly, and those for permanent roles. Also, there are several agencies who recruit for vacancies that do not require Dutch although learning the local lingo is much preferred. Click here for a comprehensive list of such agencies in Amsterdam.

UWV: Public Employment services

The public employment service, UWV WERKbedrijf, plays an important role in the Dutch labour market. There are branches located throughout the city with specialists on hand to offer advice and information to job seekers. Through an extensive network of partner sites and (temporary) employment agencies, most vacancies registered with these partners are also registered in the online job database of the UWV WERKbedrijf. Either drop by in person or search for vacancies online (shown in several languages depending on your keyword search). They also also offer lots of English-language information on working in the Netherlands for EU citizens on their website. 


A number of Dutch newspapers have English-language job advertisements on their vacancy pages, although most are recruiting for senior positions in international companies. The American Book Center stocks a comprehensive range of reading material and the Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam offers an equally excellent range free of charge, as does the University of Amsterdam.


The most common avenue for job seekers, not only for searching and registering your details but also to keep up to date with prospective employers. Most job agencies regularly post vacancies on their sites, and if you are registered with them, they will contact you to alert you of new opportunities. If you prefer the direct route, job search engines such as the Nationale Vacature Bank (in Dutch), Intermediair and Monsterboard are user-friendly, invaluable resources, and ICTerGezocht has a comprehensive list of tech- and ICT-related job vacancies. Alternatively, check out bulletins of the major international organisations that have local headquarters in the Netherlands.

Take initiative

To apply for work at a particular company that currently has no vacancies, send an unsolicited application. Employers often appreciate the initiative. First find a contact person at the company of choice (e.g. in the human resources department), so the application is addressed to a particular person. When preparing to meet your new contact, have your CV and cover letter (motivatie) tailored to the local style. An extra pointer: Dutch employers have a certain proclivity for hobbies and additional interests.


There are many companies in the Amsterdam area offering coaching and training services for English-speakers looking to improve their skills or re-evaluate their career goals and aspirations. Enlisting the help of a professional life coach may be a good way to set your job related priorities and hear tips from an expert.

Protect yourself from exploitation

If you’re new to the Amsterdam Area, you may not be aware of the laws that are designed to protect you against workplace exploitation in the Netherlands. One of the best ways to protect yourself is by reading up on your rights and obligations in this brochure issued by the Dutch government (available in several different languages). You can report an incident of discrimination in the labour market by contacting Meldpunt Discriminatie Regio Amsterdam. Alternatively, make a complaint to the Inspectorate SZW (Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment). Information is available in several languages.

Learning the Dutch language is another important step towards safeguarding yourself against rights violations. Read more about learning Dutch and the courses offered by the City of Amsterdam. Of course, IN Amsterdam is also available to assist with any questions about living or working in the Amsterdam Area.

IN Amsterdam partners

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