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Setting up a business in Amsterdam

Join more than 3,000 international companies that have invested in Amsterdam. It’s a top destination for commerce, knowledge, innovation and an ideal region in which to live, work, study and enjoy a high quality of life.

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Amsterdam is connected to the rest of Europe and the world – not only by an extensive transport network and the world’s largest internet hub, but also by the city’s collaborative approach to doing business. Amsterdam’s spirit of commerce, excellent quality of life and its fiscal climate make it a magnet for talent, startups and international headquarters for companies from across the globe. Find out why companies choose Amsterdam for business.

Invest in Amsterdam

Our team of experts can assist your company in every stage of establishing or expanding operations in the Amsterdam area, free of charge – find out how we can help. And see more information about setting up a business, from legal issues to hiring talent, below.

Your industry

Find out more about your industry in Amsterdam, with information on the following sectors: ICT, logistics, creative, life sciences, financial and busi...

Networks and resources

Connect to Amsterdam’s business ecosystem, with information on networking clubs, events for startups, business news and the IN Amsterdam corporate new...
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How we can help

amsterdam inbusiness assists foreign companies with establishing and expanding their operations in Amsterdam and beyond. We can help you create a conv...

How to find staff

Learn more about finding and hiring staff in Amsterdam – the presence of highly skilled, internationally-oriented talent is one of the aspects that ma...

Legal matters and permits

An introduction to official and legal matters regarding starting a company in the Netherlands, from company taxes to hiring international employees.

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