Setting up a business in Amsterdam

Join more than 3,500 international companies that have invested in Amsterdam. It’s a top destination for commerce, knowledge, innovation and an ideal region in which to live, work, study and enjoy a high quality of life.


Legal matters & permits

Starting out and registration

Amsterdam registration deregistration Edwin van Eis
There are a number of essential steps to take when starting a company in the Amsterdam Area. 

Taxes, banking and insurance

Find information and useful links about company taxes, opening a business bank account, and any business insurances you will need after setting up a business.

Subsidies and tax incentives

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Find out about tax incentives and subsidies available to businesses launching and expanding in the Amsterdam Area.

Attracting talent

How to find employees

Startup Amsterdam Spaces Herengracht workspace
Discover why talent makes Amsterdam the city of choice for international companies.

Visas & permits for employees

Find information about hiring employees in the Netherlands.

Dutch labour law

Find out about Dutch labour law and employment contracts, from trial periods to social security and CAOs.

How amsterdam inbusiness can help you

amsterdam inbusiness is the official foreign investment agency of the Amsterdam Area. We assist international companies with establishing and expanding their operations in Amsterdam and beyond. We can help you create a convincing business case for setting up offices in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Are. But our commitment does not end there: we strive to build a long-term relationship and are supportive in any phase of the development of your company. And it’s all free and strictly confidential. Get in touch with our team to find out more.