Hot jobs and industries in the Amsterdam Area

With so many programmes to choose from, deciding what to study can be seem overwhelming. To help guide your decision, consider these industries that are on the rise in the Amsterdam Area.

Growth industries in the Amsterdam Area

The Dutch economy ranks in the top 20 largest in the world. Its top industries continue to grow, and the Amsterdam Area has a strong reputation for innovation and creativity. 

Amsterdam’s creative sector attracts top professionals from all over the world, and is continuing to expand year on year. Read more about the city’s world class creative talent in industries like advertising, gaming and design. 

Qualifications in data sciences, tech, commerce, finance, life sciences, business, manufacturing, media communications, education and hospitality are particularly sought after in Amsterdam. On average, graduates in the fields of engineering, health and nature stay in the Netherlands more frequently and for longer periods than their peers, as the job market in these sectors is more favourable than in others.

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Industries that are thriving in Amsterdam

Business in the Amsterdam Area

Tech industry in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a thriving tech hub. Home to industry giants, innovative companies and a buzzing startup scene, it is the ideal breeding ground for cross...
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Zalando and Bestseller pick Amsterdam for their virtual showroom

Creative industry in Amsterdam

More than 200,000 people from over 20 nationalities work in the creative industries in the Amsterdam Area. They create the clothes we wear, the games ...
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Amsterdam life sciences

Life sciences and health industry in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Area sits at the heart of the European life sciences and health industry. The region thrives on cooperation, driven by the high concentr...
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Zuidas by David Pepercamp via iStock

FinTech in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a rich history of financial innovation. The world’s first central bank was established here, as was the first joint-stock company....
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Aerospace industry in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Area is home to a world-class aerospace industry that has been honing strong traditions for over a decade. It boasts leading internation...
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TNW Conference 2016 Amsterdam Day One HeisenbergMedia / The Next Web / Dan Taylor 2016

Gaming industry in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a hotspot for companies active in the global gaming industry, thanks to an outstanding digital infrastructure, healthy startup and tech s...
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Logistics industry in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is at the heart of European logistics thanks to the city’s strategic location and commitment to innovation. The Amsterdam Area is also...
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Amsterdam Impact

Amsterdam Impact, an initiative by the City of Amsterdam, is here to strengthen the ecosystem for all companies that tackle societal challenges throug...
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Sustainable Fashion in the Amsterdam Area

Fashion industry in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a bona fide fashion hub and the scene here goes far beyond well-dressed locals and hip boutiques. More than 100 fashion houses are shapin...
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Hotel industry in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s real estate and hospitality sector is flourishing. Average room rates are among the highest in Europe. Amsterdam is a popular destination ...
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