Events, walking, relaxing and sports it's all possible at Westerpark

You can do great sports in the Westerpark. There are several sports facilities in the park, such as running routes, tennis courts and the korfball field. All sports facilities are open to the public.

In warm summer weather, children can splash around in the Westerpark's splashing pond.

Next to the pond you can relax on the grass or use the picnic bench. Dogs are not allowed here and the use of glassware is prohibited: it is safe for the little ones. The splash pond is open from May 1 to October 1 , only on days when it is 20 degrees or warmer.

On warm days, the spargel pond is filled with clean tap water in the morning and emptied every evening. There are no chemicals in the water because the pumped out water is reused for planting in the park.


The Westerpark has several entrances for cyclists and walkers. If you want to enter the Westerpark with a vehicle, you can report to the porter's lodge near De Bakkerswinkel. You cannot park in the Westerpark. An exception is made for persons with a visible disabled card. The porters will then designate a place for you for a certain period of time to be able to recreate.