Amsterdam is a city of water

Far more than just a pretty tourist attraction, canals are a way of life in Amsterdam. With 100km of waterways in the city and more than a quarter of its surface area covered by H2O, Amsterdam’s canals are its lifeblood, at the heart of the city’s social and cultural life. A city built on water in every sense of the word, Amsterdam is meant to be seen from the canals.  

Amsterdam aerial view canals

Sightseeing by boat is the best kind of sightseeing

Travelling around capital cities by busy subterranean rail networks and traffic-clogged streets can sometime suck the fun out of sightseeing. Who wants to be stuck underground all day? Not you. In Amsterdam the journey between attractions can be an attraction in itself. See the best of the city from the water as you glide along its UNESCO World Heritage waterways on a Canal Bus, and hop off whenever you like to explore even more.

Canal Company Amsterdam

You can become an Amsterdam expert

Touring the canals of Amsterdam is much more fun when you know what you’re looking at. So plug into the Canal Bus audio guide to learn all about the sights as you pass by them, and discover some truly fascinating facts about the city’s history and culture along the way.  

Amsterdam canal bridge

You’ll get a glimpse into life on the canals

Amsterdammers are known for rarely drawing their blinds, making it difficult to resist peering into their immaculately styled abodes as you explore the city. This curtain aversion extends to homes on the water, meaning that you can get a rare insight into life on a houseboat as you sail by on a Canal Bus. The Dutch are generally a friendly sort so give residents a wave and a ‘goedemiddag’ as you pass, but don’t forget your manners. It’s rude to stare – even in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam canal Lijnbaansgracht Jordaan Merijn Roubroeks

You can tick off all the biggies in a day

Most of Amsterdam’s major museums and attractions are located right on the water (or very close by), so you can see all of the big ones from the comfort of a Canal Bus boat. With stops right outside the Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank House, Westerkerk, Central Station, NEMO Science Museum, the Maritime Museum, the Hermitage and the Heineken Experience, plus many more within walking distance, the hop on, hop off Canal Bus is by far the easiest way to take in the best sights of Amsterdam. Bon voyage!

 Canal Bus Amsterdam

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