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People taking a Calligraphy workshop writing on a clipboard paper holder
Image from Koen Smilde Photography

Best creative workshops in Amsterdam

Pick up a new skill or two with a whole range of fun masterclasses across the city. From pottery to embroidery, writing and bread-making, your next hobby is waiting to be discovered.


Mud Magic

Image from Emily Louise Perry

Try your hand at pottery during a two-day workshop where you will make your own bowl or cup. Learn how to work on the pottery wheel, starting with centring, pulling walls and shaping your work, all the way to completing a base and preparing it for the kiln. This is the perfect pottery taster for those who are considering wheel classes.

Mud Magic | from €75 | De Jordaan


Aside from being one of the cutest ceramics shops on Czaar Peterstraat, Studio Pansa offers introductory courses and one-off skills workshops. Try the one-day taster class for your first foray into mug-making and hand-building techniques. There is also a plaster mould and slipcasting workshop where you will learn to create simple ceramic shapes. 

Tip: For something extra special, check out the ceramic painting sessions every second Sunday and romantic evenings every last Friday of the month.

Pansy | from €85 | Czaar Peterstraat

Studio Keramiek

This small pottery studio in Nieuw West is perfect for those who wish to try their hand at pottery with lots of personal attention and guidance from the teacher. With introduction workshops available both for wheel throwing and hand sculpting, you'll be able to experience what it's like to work with clay and to trust in your own creativity.

Studio Keramiek | from €90 | Thomas à Kempisstraat 11


Marie Marie

Get into crochet and make a tiny keychain at Marie Marie. The workshop lasts two hours, during which you will learn the basics of crochet at the Sunday Crochet club. If you like the taster lesson, consider jumping in for a bigger project and learn new crochet patterns to make bags, earphone cases and more.  

Marie Marie | €30 | Czaar Peterstraat


This tufting studio and mini shop offers evening and weekend workshops focused on supporting, uplifting and showcasing female, non-binary and queer creatives. During the day class (lasting five hours), learn to use all the tools, transfer your design onto the canvas and, of course, tuft a design of your choosing. For a simpler introduction, you can tuft your pillow during the three-hour workshop. 

Shaggies | from €129 | Czaar Peterstraat


De Openbare Werkplaats

Gain first-hand experience with traditional woodworking in a course that will introduce you to the block plane and give you practical skills with the saw, hammer and chisel. In the end, you will walk away a proud owner of your own handmade wooden hammer. The course can be taken on weekday evenings (a total of five classes) or spread across two Sundays.

De Openbare Werkplaats | €298 | Eastern Docklands

Studio Patina

Studio Patina offers a beginner-friendly two-day intensive jewellery workshop, at the end of which you will have made at least three finished sterling silver jewellery pieces. The class takes place on the weekends with three and a half hours of class each day. Learn the fundamental techniques used in jewellery-making before joining a weekly class where you can work on your own ideas. 

Studio Patina | €270 | Jordaan

Very Goods Studio

Candle workshop
Image from Birgit Loit

Make your own organic scented candle using quality wax and essential oils in the cosy candle studio. Discover the basics of candlemaking and find out which scent works for you. The workshop lasts for about 2 hours, during which you will mix a custom-scented blend and pour a rapeseed candle to take home with you. 

Very Goods Studio | €55 | Tussen de Bogen

Creative skills

The Story Lounge

Become a wordsmith with a variety of classes ranging from an introduction to creative and travel writing to storytelling for business, and even a Meditate & Write class. With a maximum of six students per workshop, these sessions are intimate and focused. Hone your writing skills and connect with like-minded creators to discover the power of words. The workshops last about two hours.

The Story Lounge | €25-60 | Centrum

De Kaasserie

Discover the basics of cheesemaking in a fun three-hour workshop, during which you will make two different kinds of cheese: rennet-coagulated cheese and acid-coagulated cheese. All participants will walk out armed with the tools required to continue their cheese-making journey at home. You can also follow a cheese aging class online to level up your cheese-making skills further.

De Kaasserie | €89 | West

Baking Lab

Baking Lab
Image from Friso Keuris

Make your own bread in one of the Baking Lab’s many workshops. Try a two-hour beginner workshop to learn how to shape, bake and make dough with yeast, or dive into sourdough breadmaking to get acquainted with natural fermentation. True bread fanatics can also try the Baking Lab Experience by working a day in the bakery itself to get an idea of what a small circular bakery is like.

Baking Lab | From €65 | Oost