Banketbakkerij Lanskroon

One of the highest rated bakeries in Amsterdam unsurprisingly serves up some of the city’s best oliebollen. That and some seriously great (and huge) stroopwafels give this central bakery a firm place on our list. Find them at Singel 385.

Bakkerij Lanskroon oliebollen via Facebook

Hartog's Volkoren Oliebollen

Everything about this bakery is great, but in your quest for the ultimate oliebol, Hartog’s Volkoren is a strong contender. Head over to Wibautstraat 77 and stop by, and be sure to try their whole grain oliebollen, rumoured to be the best in town.

Hartog's Volkoren oliebollen

Hollandse Gebakkraam Heinekenplein

This beautiful little vendor on Marie Heinekenplein cooks up some of the best oliebollen in town, and its owners are famously friendly. If you’re heading to the square for one of the many cafes or events, then a stop at Hollandse Gebakkraam is a necessity.

New year Amsterdam

Oliebollenkraam Tuincentrum Osdorp

You need a street vendor for the authentic oliebollen experience, and this one – right outside the Tuincentrum Osdorp – is one of the few that open (nearly) year-round. It also helps that their oliebollen and assorted bakes are to die for.

Oliebollenkraam Tuincentrum Osdorp via Facebook

Gebakkraam Verwijk

The official winner of the 2015 AD Newspaper oliebollen test, Gebakkraam Verwijk is as good as it has always been. If you find yourself peckish and on Bijlmerplein, then do yourself a solid and taste the oliebol that once beat them all.

Oliebollen CC BY 2.0 Franklin Heijnen via Flickr

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