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Image from Simon Peel

New Year's Resolutions in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is ready to roll out another year of glamour, glitz, culture and cuisine. If your new year's resolution list includes enjoying all there is to see and do in this vibrant city, here is some inspiration to ensure your 2022 in Amsterdam is the absolute bee's knees.

Eat well, deliciously

Overhauling your diet after all the festive indulgence is a familiar ritual for many. But the good news is, Amsterdam makes it effortless to treat your body like a temple (or at least offset the bitterballen). The city is brimming with health-conscious restaurantsjuice bars and garden-to-table dining concepts that sacrifice nothing in flavour. And if you want to experiment with going vegetarian or vegan, you’ve come to the right place. 

Get active

Before you lock yourself into an expensive gym contract, consider Amsterdam’s excellent spots for running, or sign up for the TCS Amsterdam Marathon, outdoor activities – from paddleboarding to bootcamps, or take your leisurely cycle to the next level with our suggested cycling routes. Residents can also meet friendly faces by joining one of Amsterdam’s huge selection of expat sports teams

Do good

Being environmentally conscious is nothing new to the Dutch, and Amsterdam has a reputation for putting sustainable ideas into practice. Every neighbourhood is home to sustainable shops and restaurants, such as those that tackle food-waste and promote sustainable fashion. There are fantastic initiatives that provide employment for disadvantaged youth and a chocolate brand that’s committed to ending slavery. 

Venture beyond the city

In Amsterdam, it can often feel like you have everything on your doorstep, meaning many of us are missing out on the impressive sights and attractions to be found in the greater Amsterdam region. Make 2022 the year that you photograph the charming windmills of the Zaanse Schans, explore 17th-century country estates and castles, or dip your toes in the North Sea at Amsterdam Beach (maybe wait a few months for that one).  

Embrace culture

Most of us only scrape the surface of Amsterdam's impressive literary and artistic heritage. There are artistic gems waiting to be discovered in Amsterdam’s lesser known (but fascinating) niche museums. Knock out two resolutions at once – culture and exploration – with a visit to some of world-renowned museums and sculpture trails on Amsterdam's doorstep. Buy an Amsterdam City Card and plan a weekend of museum-hopping to tick the big-hitting masterpieces off your bucket list. And don't forget to keep your eye on the Exhibition Guide for more up-to-the-minute arty tips.