Test area

How do we continue to learn lifelong and limit the high number of school leavers? How do we keep ourselves cool during the hot summers and limit traffic on our streets? What role does technology play in this? With the world changing faster and faster, a new approach is needed to solve societal problems.

In the middle of the city, Marineterrein Amsterdam is the place where small and large companies, organisations, colleges and universities conduct experiments in the field of learning, working and living. These partnerships are full of experiments with technology and how it can improve the living environment.

With this special and flexible approach, the test area is gradually developing into a city quarter in which there is room for open innovation, special forms of living, sports, recreation and greenery. The impact of what is being done here is noticeable in the city, the country and the world.


Various experiments are already taking place in the public space on the Marineterrein. There are tests with autonomous boats and there is a blue-green roof to experiment with reducing urban heat. Knowing more? A complete overview of the current and future experiments can be found here .

The history of the Marineterrein

In the 17th century, the island on which the Marineterrein is located was created: a new shipyard was needed for the construction of large ships to protect the fleet of the VOC on its journey. Many new ships were built at this yard, including that of the famous admiral Michiel de Ruyter. The first building on this historic site was completed in 1655: the Admiralty Sea Warehouse. Today the Maritime Museum is located in the building.