Jeweler Amsterdam and purveyor to the Royal Familly

Around 1900 Bonebakker expanded his expertise to jewellery and pearls. With the establishment of Paarlen en Juweelenhandel As. Bonebakker en Zoon, the products of trade and craft were brought from the workshop to the public. Bonebakker has created an attractive, sophisticated venue for connoisseurs and lovers of jewellery within the luxurious Conservatorium Hotel.

While roots will remain embedded deep in the age-old tradition of selling diamonds and manufacturing high quality jewellery, world renowned brands such as Piaget and Pasquale Bruni, as well as haute couture pieces from upcoming designers Casato, dinh van and Maxim Voznesensky are now the new focus for Holland’s oldest and most respected jewellery house. 

[image: Iris Ooms - De Fotomeisjes]