Saloon Steamer Prins van Oranje The Prins van Oranje originates from early last century and wallows in the wealth and grandeur with which we associate private clubs of these times. This is mainly due to the fine wood panelling, elegant Art Deco lights and the comfortable club armchairs. In the exclusive and intimate surroundings of the Prins van Oranje, business and personal relations flourish like nowhere else. A large lift makes it possible to raise either a complete buffet or a special presentation 'from nowhere'. Through the sliding roof measuring 2.5 x 5 metres on the topdeck, we are able to bring large objects (such as a car) on board. The Prins van Oranje is a boat with allure that distinguishes itself in many ways. Capacity: 70-500 people. Classic Lady The Classic Lady is a traditional and elegant vessel with a contemporary look. After modernisation in 1994 she underwent striking alterations in 2007. With its three reception-rooms, modern furnishings and magnificent sun deck, the Classic Lady is suitable for a wide range of maritime events. Receptions, parties, meetings, presentations, dining, all is possible. The reception rooms are all connected but can also be used separately. Of special interest is our buffet lift situated at the heart of the boat, where dishes appear 'magically'. Capacity: 125 to 600 people.