1. There are stunning photo opportunities around every corner

Keukenhof amsterdam area flowers

Budding gardeners or anyone seeking floral ideas for sprucing up their balcony will be hard-pressed to find more inspirational surroundings than at Keukenhof. 15 kilometres of footpaths unfold through a monumental walking park, winding their way past breathtaking floral displays, water features, fountains and sculptures. Around every twist and turn, you’ll encounter beautiful artworks and unique photography opportunities. This year’s theme is ‘Flower Classics’ you’ll also find a myriad of planting styles showcasing current trends in gardening and bulb cultivation.

2. It's in the heart of the Dutch flower strip

Keukenhof amsterdam area flowers

Situated in the heart of the Bollenstreek (bulb region), Keukenhof is the perfect starting point to learn all about horticulture in the Netherlands and the flower industry. Arriving at the park by bus or car (just a short drive from Amsterdam), you’ll have exceptional vistas over the rainbow-hued flower fields. Within the gardens, there’s a lookout point over the surrounding area and options to either rent a bike or take a wonderful cruise on an electrically powered ‘whisper boat’ which sails out into the flowering fields.

3. The agenda is jam-packed with colourful events

Keukenhof amsterdam area flowers

The 2022 season kicks off its events programme with the Holland Heritage Weekend (1 - 3 April) transporting visitors back to 18th and 19th-century Holland. Not to be missed is the famous Bloemencorso (Flower Parade) on Saturday 23 April which departs from Lisse towards Haarlem, passing by Keukenhof. And, throughout the opening of the gardens, you’ll also find guided tours, children’s workshops and changing floral displays in the pavilions where Dutch growers have the opportunity to exhibit their most beautiful varieties.

4. Its a wonderful day out for young and old

Keukenhof amsterdam area flowers

Besides the splendour of the flowers, one of the most beautiful things about Keukenhof is that it can be enjoyed by families from all over the world and visitors of all ages. At the petting zoo, children can meet curious goats and sheep, wallowing pigs, strutting peacocks and cuddly rabbits. The Miffy playground and hedge maze are an excellent opportunity for little ones to burn off steam, whilst a fun scavenger hunt will lead families to the most beautiful spots dotted around the park. And of course, we can all admit that stepping stones across the water provide a thrill no matter how grown-up you are!

5. You can visit in any weather

Keukenhof amsterdam area flowers

April showers? Fortunately, Keukenhof displays flowers and blooming plants not only outdoors, but also within a complex of fascinating pavilions and greenhouses. These indoor spaces each have their own colourful ambience with an impressive array of floral displays and sculptures. You’ll also find six restaurants on-site where you can tuck into a delightful breakfast, an extensive lunch or a hot meal at any time of day as well as various food outlets selling local delicacies such as poffertjes (tiny Dutch pancakes), strawberries, herring or hotdogs.

Keukenhof is open from March 24 until May 15 2022.

Buy your tickets now at: www.keukenhof.nl

How to get there:

Keukenhof is an easy 30-minute drive from Amsterdam and is accessible by car, bicycle and public transport. The Keukenhof Express Bus departs daily from Amsterdam RAI, Haarlem, Schiphol Airport and Leiden. Check the Keukenhof website for more information on getting to and from the park or to purchase a combi-ticket that includes transportation.