Weesp – a fortified, riverside city area

Weesp lies in the heart of the Vechtstreek – a lush green region of the Netherlands running along the River Vecht from Utrecht to Amsterdam, known for its natural beauty, castles, parks and stately homes. Weesp is famed for its historical buildings and influence on the chocolate industry thanks to the Van Houten company. Located in the south east of Amsterdam, the city area dates back to the 14th century and – as you’d expect – features many fortifications and battlements.

Weesp sights and attractions

Weesp is a popular attraction for visitors, with a protected historical centre interwoven by canals. Its rich architecture includes the spectacular Ossenmarkt and Issenmeer forts, three historical windmills and several buildings that date back to the 17th and 18th centuries – a time of rapid growth and prosperity. Weesp’s former town hall – a stately, neoclassical building – now houses the municipal museum, devoted largely to 18th-century porcelain crafts. The Naardermeer area, the first nature reserve in the Netherlands, is just a 15 minute cycle from Weesp.

Weesp Holland

Weesp restaurants

Weesp is teaming with quality dining options. Many restaurants enjoy a picturesque location in a historical building, such as the tree-filled Café diner 't Weesperplein, or the waterside Eeterij de Schalkse, near the Ossenmarkt fort.

How to get to Weesp

Weesp is easily accessible, with regular train services departing from Amsterdam Centraal Station.