Short stay migrants in Amsterdam

This article is designed to help short stay visitors that will not be resident in Amsterdam or elsewhere in the Netherlands for more than four months. For example, if you have a short-term contract, are a cross-border worker or a student, it is still necessary to be registered in the Registry for Non-Residents (Registratie Niet Ingezetenen, RNI). In doing so, you will receive your citizen service number (burgerservicenummer, BSN), which is required for all official matters. Anyone who wishes to work, study or be resident in the Netherlands for any other reason must make themselves known to the Dutch authorities. The BSN is mandatory for this action. As such, you must participate in registration at an approved facility. Short stay migrants can only register in one of 18 municipalities in the Netherlands (with two possible locations in Amsterdam).

Where in Amsterdam can you register?

In Amsterdam there are two locations where short stay migrants can register:

Make an appointment via IN Amsterdam or call  +31 (0)20 254 7999. When making your appointment you will be notified of all required details and paperwork, including valid identification (such as a passport or national identity card). Please note that while previously it was possible to register a short stay at Amsterdam City Hall, as of 5 December 2016 this is no longer the case.

If registering via IN Amsterdam, you will also be required to pay a service fee and must provide the following additional information:

  • A work contract (for all EU citizens)

  • A valid work permit (tewerkstellingsvergunning, TWV) (for all non-EU citizens)

Applicants who do not provide all required identification will be unable to register.

Citizen service number

The citizen service number (BSN) is a unique, personal number that is required for all governmental or official matters in the Netherlands. As well as being required to begin work, it is needed to open a bank account, make use of any healthcare (such as a doctor or hospital), or to apply for any benefits or allowance. Learn more about the BSN.


  • While in the Netherlands you must always be able to show appropriate identification, such as a passport or national identification card.

  • Any change in your personal data must be communicated to your local registration facility. In doing so, appropriate documentation must be provided to reflect any change.

Incorrect details in your record?

Adjustments can be made to the recorded data upon request. In doing so, you must show appropriate documentation to demonstrate any inaccuracy. A correction will be completed within four weeks and is free of charge.

Staying in the Netherlands for more than four months?

If you plan to be present in Amsterdam Metropolitan Area for longer than four months (or you are re-registering after returning to the country), then you must complete the full registration procedure in the municipality in which you will be resident. It is mandatory to do so within five days of arriving in the country. If your partner and/or children will also be resident for this period, they must also complete a registration. As well as this registration procedure, residence or work permits may be required. If you will be resident in Amsterdam, the registration can take place at Amsterdam City Hall, IN Amsterdam and also at City Office Zuidoost. Learn more about required permits.


For all civic issues, you can call 14 020 with your questions (from within Amsterdam). If you are calling from abroad please dial +31 (0)20 624 1111. For registration matters or appointments you can also contact IN Amsterdam’s experts directly.