You can deregister a month before leaving the Netherlands and are required to indicate your date of departure. If you deregister by post and do not provide a date of departure, the date the municipality receives your written notice will be adopted as your date of departure. If you provide your notice of departure in person, without providing a date of departure, that day is considered your departure date. If your partner or child(ren) leave the Netherlands, they must also deregister.

Deregistration from the Municipality's Personal Records Database is free.

Where to deregister

  • In person at the Department of Civil Affairs (afdeling Burgerzaken) of a district council office (stadsdeel kantoor).

  • By post by completing and sending a signed declaration with a copy of your valid identification (passport, driving licence or official identity card) to the Department of Civil Affairs of your local municipality – relevant addresses are shown on the form.

Please note: deregistration can only be completed by post in situations where no one from your family will continue to live at the present address. In such cases, it is permissible for a family member (such as the father) to complete the declaration, notifying that the entire family will leave the Netherlands. Download the declaration form.

Deregistering in person

Deregistation must take place in person if:

  • the person is moving abroad but has family members that will remain in residence at their present (registered) address.
  • a declaration of departure is required for departing family members but the person will remain registered in Amsterdam at their present address.

In such situations, you are required by law to complete the declaration at the Department of Civil Affairs of your local district council office. Minors (children) are also required to appear in person.

Deregistration documents required

To deregister, you need the following documents:

  • A valid form of ID (passport, identity card, driving licence or residence permit).

Forwarding address

Your new foreign address is required when moving outside the Netherlands. If not yet known, supply the temporary address where you will be staying (the hotel for example) until you move to your permanent address. If you intend to travel, indicate the first country to which you will be travelling.

Further information

If you require further information, call the city information number 14 020 (Monday to Friday, 8:00 to 18:00).