Highly skilled migrant procedure: for employers

With the creation of IN Amsterdam (formerly known as Expatcenter Amsterdam), a new process was developed whereby an employer can now initiate the registration procedure for a residence permit prior to the new employee’s arrival in the country. Once in the Netherlands, the employee can then collect a national residence permit and complete municipal registration procedures in a single visit to IN Amsterdam. They will also receive a citizen service number (burgerservicenummer, BSN) shortly after their appointment. For more detailed information please see: IN Amsterdam's services and how to apply.

Information for expat employees

You can visit the Immigration and Naturalisation (IND) website to learn more about:

  • Entry procedure for highly skilled migrants and labour migrants (IND website).
  • Organisations and companies who are participating in the special entry procedure for highly skilled migrants.

How IN Amsterdam helps highly skilled migrants

After your employer has arranged an appointment for you at IN Amsterdam, you can expect the following to be arranged:

Income requirements

The income requirements for 2021 are as follows:

  • Highly skilled migrants from the age of 30: €4,752 gross per month excl. holiday allowance
  • Highly skilled migrants younger than 30: €3,484 gross per month excl. holiday allowance
  • Highly skilled migrants that graduated in the Netherlands within three years: €2,497 gross per month excl. holiday allowance
  • Foreign nationals applying for highly skilled migrant scheme within three years of graduating from a top 200 university: €2,497

Employees who wish to come to work in the Netherlands as highly skilled migrants or who are the holders of the European Blue Card are required to earn a minimum gross annual income. This gross annual income is referred to as the income requirement. Employees who perform scientific research or who are doctors in training to become specialists are not required to satisfy this requirement. Such employees have to satisfy the provisions of the Minimum Wage Act.

Learn more about required income amounts for your particular situation.

Intra-corporate transfer

In November 2016, a new EU directive, the Intra Corporate Transferee (ICT) directive, was implemented in the Netherlands. The new rules based on the ICT directive make it easier for multinational companies to transfer skilled workers from non-EU countries. They override other schemes such as the highly skilled migrant scheme. Any applications for highly skilled migrant status will be checked against the conditions of the ICT directive, and in the case of an overlap, only an ICT permit will be granted.

Intra Corporate Transferees are also eligible for the policy regarding submitting documents for highly skilled migrants and scientific researchers. This means that a single person coming to the Netherlands under the ICT scheme is not required to produce certain documents, such as a birth certificate, during registration. 


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