• If gyms aren't your thing then maybe hardcore interval training in the Amsterdamse Bos is your idea of fun. Try the Bootcamp Club for a social networking experience that will make you sweat.
  • November Project Amsterdam is a free fitness community that meets every Wednesday morning at the NEMO Science Museum. Come along and bond with locals and other expats as you cheer and high-five through a challenging workout of stair runs and partner exercises. All fitness levels and ages are welcome. 

Bridge clubs

If you are an avid bridge player then check the bridgeguys website - it lists all the bridge clubs and online games in the Netherlands.


  • There are a few clubs throughout the Netherlands - most require initial contact in Dutch, so if you are a serious player then check this site for details. Otherwise if you just want a game, the Chess Cafe Gambit is one of the oldest of its kind anywhere.
  • Or check out the Chess Museum at Max Euweplein in Amsterdam Centre. 

Cooking classes

  • Moederskeuken (mother's kitchen) offers workshops and classes that will help you to master Dutch and international cuisines.  
  • Okura Hotel. This is Michelin-star level cooking. You may join in Taste of Okura workshops as an individual, as a group or on a professional footing.
  • The Kushi Institute offers a variety of educational programs and workshops related to macrobiotic cooking.
  • Alice in Cakeland offers fun cupcake decorating workshops. Everything from Lady Gaga to Hello Kitty decorations and enough sprinkles to keep everyone happy.
  • The Cooking Coach offers healthy cooking lessons and personal weight loss programmes. Learning to cook easy, quick and tasty meals which form the basis of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Try your hand at bread making with expat-oriented workshops held at Baking Lab. Relieve some stress at the kneading table, and even bring your children. 

Dance classes

There are a few studios in Amsterdam, offering everything from hip hop to ballroom, salsa, street or swing.

  • Extremos puts a bit of passion into their salsa and zouk classes.
  • Dance school Kluver has a large selection of ballroom and Latin classes on offer.
  • Salsa Caliente has been teaching Cuban salsa in Amsterdam since 1991.
  • Studio Anna Mora offers modern dance, classical ballet and breakdance for kids, plus pilates classes, physiotherapy and massages.
  • SwingStreet offers a variety of jazzy swing lessons from Lindy Hop and Charleston to jazz or Balboa.

Dining out

Are you looking to explore the various eateries on offer around the city while also meeting new people? Social Dining is a 'real-life' social network that brings international people together over great food at top restaurants. Register via the Social Dining website then sign up for events that appeal to you.

Drawing and painting workshops

  • Kunstinzicht has traditional drawing and painting classes as well as some experimental art classes.
  • MK24 offers a range of courses and workshops in the field of visual arts and multimedia. The teachers can give the courses below simultaneously in Dutch and English.

Film screenings

Perfect for film buffs of all nationalities, EYE Film Institute Netherlands presents EYE Connect. Aimed at connecting international or non-Dutch speaking residents of the Amsterdam area with each other and with the world of cinema, the EYE Connect events will be offered in English and include films, tours and guest speakers.

Inline skating and roller derby

  • Friday night skate is a great place to meet like-minded skaters. Experience the thrill of skating around the city of Amsterdam.
  • Amsterdam Derby Dames is the roller derby ladies team. Sign up for 'fresh-meat' try outs if interested in taking part in a scrimmage or two.

Music, singing lessons and practice studios

  • A quick internet search for 'muzieklessen Amsterdam' will yield numerous results. Although the website Muziekles Amsterdam is in Dutch, you should be able to find a teacher for your preferred instrument that can deliver lessons in English.
  • If you have always wanted to sing, check the CREA website for the next 12-week singing course.


  • The FotoFactory offers both digital and film photography courses, and they range from a few days to a full 3-year course.
  • CREA offers a 12-week workshop for those wanting to get started in digital photography.
  • For those already confident in photography then you may like to take part in a Foam Amsterdam, photography activity. Centred around a common theme, photographers can head out from the museum and meet back after to share and discuss.
  • Amsterdam Photo Club is a photography society for internationals and locals. They organise regular meetings, courses, workshops, exhibitions and photo excursions.

Pilates, yoga and tai chi

There are numerous classes across the city – it’s a matter of finding one that suits you best. A simple internet search will show you many options.

  • Bikram Yoga Amsterdam has heated rooms to improve circulation and help flexibility.
  • NeiGong delivers both self-defence and Tai Chi Classes.
  • MOVING=art teaches weekly classes in the meditative arts of Yi Quan, Qi Gong and Tai Chi, which aim to increase energy, concentration and creativity. 
  • Smart Body Studio offers power flow and springboard pilates and has both beginners and experienced classes.
  • Studio Anna Mora has mat and reformer pilates as well as pre- and postnatal classes.

Speech, performance and drama

  • Love public speaking, or want to become more proficient? Join Toastmasters Amsterdam; they meet twice a month.
  • Easylaughs run weekend and weekday evening improvation comedy classes. Are you the new improv stage sensation?
  • Amsterdam's Frascati theatre has initiated a social club called Frascati Foreign Friends, encouraging internationals to enjoy cutting-edge live theatre while meeting new people. Members get discounts on tickets, a free drink, snacks and an invite to the Meet & Greet after the show. Sign up via the FFF mailing list.
  • In Players is Amsterdam's oldest English-language theatre company and welcomes anyone with an interest in theatre. The group distinguishes itself through its innovative approach to a broad repertoire. Email: [email protected].
  • The Orange Tea Theatre company is a group of local theatre enthusiasts performing in English. As well as the possibility of joining in with their performances, they are continuously on the look out for new writing talent.
  • Rotary Club Amsterdam International is the English speaking Rotary Club for the Amsterdam Region. Weekly dinner meetings take place every Monday at 18:30 at the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel. All Rotarians are welcome to attend. Website:
  • Amsterdam-based literary group Wordsinhere publishes literary magazine Versal, hosts the Open Stanza performance night and much more. There's also an online listing of literary events and resources in the Netherlands. Email: [email protected].

Wine and beverage tasting

  • Het Wijninstituut hosts regular English-language wine courses on winemaking, varietal wines, food pairing, terroir, wine presentation, storage and tasting.
  • Screaming Beans offer coffee barista workshops at their stylish 9 streets location.
  • The Wynand Fockink distillery in the heart of Amsterdam has been producing Dutch spirits for over 300 years. Join a workshop and learn the ins and outs of the profession.

Language courses

  • UvA Talen, the language centre at the University of Amsterdam, offers language courses in French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin, Swedish and Arabic.
  • Spanish Lessons Amsterdam offer 'fun and feel-good' group lessons for all levels and abilities.
  • Molinos de Viento teaches beginner level Spanish in English, with higher levels available for Dutch speakers.
  • L’école de Français is run by native French speakers that teach the language in English. 
  • Casa di Dante is all about informal Italian lessons that focus on social conversations, shopping, ordering food and other holiday tips
  • Elisabeth Schlager offers her expertise in teaching German to English speakers, especially for business purposes.
  • Korean School of Amsterdam teaches Korean language and culture-related workshops to adults and children. The classes are held on Saturdays and are generally taught in English,although some teachers also speak Dutch. 

 Woodwork, metalwork, glasswork and DIY

  • The Amsterdam-East Public Works Center offers a number of English-language courses, including woodworking, metalworking, stained glass and DIY workshops. You can also hire work benches and spaces for your own projects. 
  • Espenaer is an Amsterdam-based woodworking atelier that offers artisanal woodworking courses for all levels that focus on traditional skills, techniques, and hand tools.