Global cuisine in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has the global culinary scale covered when it comes to dining out. You can typically find tasty delights from around the world just by strolling through your neighbourhood. But there’s nothing quite like food from home – be it familiar family recipes, special ingredients or even local brands that can be difficult to acquire elsewhere.

Whether you're craving your daily dose of maple syrup, curry spices to heat up a chilly evening or  seasonal treats like mooncakes, Easter eggs or Thanksgiving turkeys, you can probably find it in the city.

United States, Canada, United Kingdom & Australia 

Americakes – Unsurprisingly given the name, this cafe/bakery in De Pijp specialises in North American-inspired baked goods: cakes, cupcakes, breads, pie, plus American brand filter coffee. For holiday occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, you'll also find special seasonal menus and products.

Eichholtz – This international delicatessen has been on the go since the early ‘80s, specialising in North American and Australian treats – from staples like maple syrup, Vegemite and Tim Tams, through to Thanksgiving and Christmas turkeys and all the traditional trimmings. 

Kelly’s Expat Shopping – Located in De Pijp, this cheery shop stocks all matter of goods from the UK and United States. You’ll find tons of popular candies and sodas, as well as breakfast faves like cereal and toaster pastries. The store also has a selection of Mexican and Tex-Mex items, so you can stock up for the next taco Tuesday.


Aldi – It’s renowned as a budget supermarket, but Aldi’s not only for cost cutting. It’s common to find lesser-known German (and other European) brands of meat, beer, spirits and sweets. Around Thanksgiving and Christmas, Aldi also stocks a variety of international confectionery and produce. 

Gallizia Deli – For some Mediterranean goodness, stop by this charming place in Amsterdam Oost. The shelves are stocked with wine, gourmet pasta, sauces and other Italian fare. Behind the counter, you’ll find antipasti, meats and delicious items perfect for creating a feast at home. 

Hollanduz – This Spanish delicatessen provides a taste of sunshine all year round, from the dry-cured hams hanging from the walls to a diverse tapas range and fresh fish that’s suitable for any Mediterranean platter.


Authentic India Step inside this family-run store to discover everything from India you could ever want. The freezers are full of frozen naan and chapattis, spice mixes line the shelves and fresh food for takeaway is found by the register. Don’t miss the homemade paneer, either.

India Bazaar Amsterdam Packed with goods from India, Sri Lanka and Surinam, this cheerful store is the place to go for juicy mangos, Subcontinental sweets and spices of every variety. 

Saeed’s Curry House – A bustling neighbourhood hot spot, this store has fresh produce, irresistible Pakistani sweets and tons of spices. The friendly staff also run a counter where you can buy homemade snacks, including samosa chaat, which consists of a couple of the potato-filled pastries doused in yogurt, chili sauce, coriander and other savoury bits.

Spice Indian Supermarket – Heat things up with a visit to this charming spot in Amstelveen. Get some spicy pickle to enjoy alongside a homemade curry or stock up on turmeric, chili powder and cardamom before grabbing a pack of crispy paratha bread. 

Eastern Asia 

Amazing Oriental  – A mainstay for the local Chinese community, this store is stocked with food from across Asia, including Korea and Japan. There are tons of fresh veggies and herbs, a takeaway snack stand and all the ingredients needed for an amazing hot pot night with friends.

Japanse Delicatessen Atariya – Established in 1987, this deli and store is one of the best places in Amsterdam for Japanese food and household goods. Treat yourself to freshly made sushi, grab some ramen to make for lunch the following day and don’t forget the candy, either.

Japans-Koreaans Delicatessen Shilla – Enter this beautiful store and browse through aisles filled with wonderful items from Korea and Japan. There’s enough to keep the serious cook satisfied, but lots of fun things as well, including fiery instant noodles and Pocky sticks in wild flavours.

Tjin’s Toko – Filled with a little bit of everything, this funky toko has many items from Southeast Asia, as well as imports from the USA, including hot salsa. At lunchtime, it fills up with people craving Suriname-style sandwiches packed with curried chicken and other irresistible spreads.

Toko Dun Yong – Since 1959, this store has been providing Amsterdammers with food from China, Korea, Japan, Thailand and other Asian countries. The helpful staff are happy to answer questions and it also stocks a variety of cooking gear, including massive woks perfect for stir frying.