Global cuisine in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has the global culinary scale covered when it comes to dining out. You can typically find tasty delights from around the world just by strolling through your neighbourhood. But there’s nothing quite like food from home – be it familiar family recipes, special ingredients or even local brands that can be difficult to acquire elsewhere.

Be you craving your daily dose of maple syrup, rare curry spices to heat up a chilly evening, an Eastern European sausage delicacy, or maybe even seasonal treats, such as advent calendars, Easter eggs, or Thanksgiving turkeys, there's often a solution in the city.

United States, Canada, United Kingdom & Australia

Absolutely British (Eleanor Rooseveltlaan 102-104, Amstelveen) – Brit favourites: choccy biscuits, custard, Heinz soups, Brit beers and spirits, and even the glowing orange soft drink Irn-Bru. Special products in stock around Christmas include advent calendars, mince pies, Christmas puddings and Christmas crackers. Tel. 020-673 6061

Americakes (Lutmastraat 189) – Unsurprisingly given the name, this growing cafe/bakery in De Pijp specialises in North American-inspired baked goods: cakes, cupcakes, breads, pie, plus American brand filter coffee (and free refills). For holiday occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas you'll also find special seasonal menus and products.

Arkwright’s (Rozengracht 13) – A self-proclaimed ‘British Isles Food Emporium’. Yet it not only deals in British standards such as teas, HobNobs, pies and Walkers crisps, it also carries a fair selection of Irish products, from pork sausages to traditional ales. Tel. 020-320 0710

British General Stores (1e Constantijn Huygenstraat 94) – Despite its name, this intimate superstore not only provides a fine selection of British goods (particularly if you’re missing key baking ingredients), but also a colourful variety of North American and Australian confectionery, drinks and seasonal products. Tel. 020-683 6191

Eichholtz (Leidsestraat 48) – This international delicatessen has been on the go since the early ‘80s, specialising in North American and Australian treats – from staples like maple syrup, Vegemite and Tim Tams, through to Thanksgiving or Christmas turkeys and all the necessary trimmings. Tel. 020-622 0305


Aldi (diverse locations) – It’s renowned as a budget supermarket but Aldi’s not only for cost cutting. It’s common to find lesser-known German (and other European) brands, specialising in meats, beers, spirits and confectionery. Around Thanksgiving and Christmas, Aldi also stocks a variety of international confectionery and produce.

Basilico Italiaans (Willemsstraat 29-A) – Fresh Italian products, including olive oils, pastas, risottos, hams and desserts. Tel. 020-627 2685

Caulils Delicatessen (Haarlemmerstraat 115) – Proclaiming itself ‘the place to be in Amsterdam for the conscience connoisseur’, this delightful deli is a master of the Mediterranean and beyond. Amongst the highlights are its European cheeses, cured meats and speciality wines. Tel. 020-412 0027

Hollanduz (Haarlemmerstraat 71) – This Spanish delicatessen provides a taste of sunshine all year round, from the dry-cured hams hanging from the walls to a diverse tapas range and fresh fish that’s perfect for any Mediterranean platter. Tel. 020-330 2888

South Asia

Amsterdam’s international community has a thriving community of expats from the Indian subcontinent, representing the diverse populations of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. As such, it’s no surprise you’ll find a glut of stores serving fresh veg, halal meats, fresh paneer and a broad selection of spices for each native cuisine. Seasonal specialities include treats for Divali (autumn) and Holi (spring).

Bikano Indian Bazaar (Johan Huizingalaan 190) – Indian, Sri Lankan and Surinamese. Tel. 020-614 2676

Masala Express (De Beerebijt 10) Indian Super Market & Take Away Tel. 020-3459803

Spice Amstelveen (Karel Doormanweg 6, Amstelveen) – South Asia. Tel. 020-641 5340

Toko Kashmir (Lindenlaan 356-382, Amstelveen) – South Asia. Tel. 06-2601 6682

Eastern Asia

Amsterdam has a bustling Chinatown district, centred on the Nieuwmarkt area, but the cultures and cuisines of Eastern Asia are also represented throughout the city. Small specialist tokos (Asian markets) are a fairy common sight, but you can also find food outlets specialising in meat, fish and sauces more common to Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean cuisine. Look out for special treats around Chinese New Year.

Amazing Oriental (Nieuwmarkt 27) – Pan Asian. Tel. 020-626 2797

China Town Supermarket (Geldersekade 96) – Pan Asian. Tel. 020-624 5229

Dank (Kastelenstraat 262) – Japanese. Tel. 020-646 4587

Iseya (Kostverlorenhof 66, Amstelveen) – Japanese. Tel. 020-453 6289

Japans-Koreaans Delicatessen Shilla (Gelderlandplein 32-34) – Japanese & Korean. Tel. 020-642 8423

Roppongi (Rozengracht 15) – Japanese. Tel. 020-416 0139

Tjin’s Toko (1e van der Helststraat 64) – Asian, Latin & American. Tel. 020-671 7708

Toko Dun Yong (Stormsteeg 9) – Pan Asian. Tel. 020-622 1763