25 January 2022

Service update: Longer waiting times for appointments

Please note that our offices will be more difficult to reach in the coming time. This is due to several factors resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, including staff illnesses and logistical challenges of remote work. We are doing our very best to remedy the situation, however we do not expect an immediate improvement for the upcoming four weeks. If you are unable to reach us by phone, please email us at welcome@amsterdam.nl. Do consider that we may not be able to reply to you as quickly as you would normally expect. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this time. Read more


As a precaution, we are continuing with measures to ensure your safety. At your appointment, please keep a 1.5-metre distance from others, disinfect your hands on arrival and follow our other appointment guidelines until further notice. We will provide an update on coronavirus measures next week.

To use IN Amsterdam's services, intermediaries and companies should complete the online form below to request an appointment and provide the necessary information. Once you have completed the form, call IN Amsterdam at +31 (0)20 254 7999 to schedule a date and time for the appointment.

Alternatively, intermediaries and companies who frequently work with IN Amsterdam can now use our online appointment tool. To do so, you need a username and password, which you can obtain by sending an email to welcome@amsterdam.nl.

Individuals should use this form.