1 July 2022

Waiting times for appointments

Unfortunately the waiting period increased in the past two months while new staff members were being trained. The good news is that our new colleagues are now fully up to speed. We are therefore able to upscale our capacity once again as of 4 July. This will gradually result in reduced waiting times. Because demand for our services remains at an unprecedented level, it is hard to predict when the waiting period for appointments will be reduced. We will continue to expand our staff capacity to meet this demand.

COVID-19 information

While almost all COVID-19 restrictions have now been lifted in the Netherlands, our appointment guidelines are not yet back to pre-pandemic levels. With COVID-19 figures going up again we will continue to take precautions to keep both visitors and staff healthy. When visiting IN Amsterdam, please follow ourappointment guidelinesand the government'srequirements for self-quarantining and testingupon arrival in the Netherlands. Refer to the 'Check My Trip' website for guidance on your personal situation. Thank you for understanding.

To use IN Amsterdam's services, intermediaries and companies should complete the online form below to request an appointment and provide the necessary information. Once you have completed the form, call IN Amsterdam at +31 (0)20 254 7999 to schedule a date and time for the appointment.

Alternatively, intermediaries and companies who frequently work with IN Amsterdam can now use our online appointment tool. To do so, you need a username and password, which you can obtain by sending an email to welcome@amsterdam.nl.

Individuals should use this form.