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Processing of personal data

Specific information on the processing of personal data by the City of Amsterdam with regard to appointments for registration via the services of IN Amsterdam.

This specific information should be read in addition to and in association with the general information on the processing of personal data by the City of Amsterdam (Gemeente Amsterdam) and the municipal policy framework for privacy and data protection. See


The City of Amsterdam processes personal data safely and securely in accordance with the applicable regulations and legislation. The document containing general information on the processing of personal data by the City of Amsterdam explains the principles regarding the processing of personal data by the municipality and provides information on how you can exercise your rights.

In this document we provide further information on the aims and principles, as well as other relevant information on data processing with regard to a combined appointment for registration by the City of Amsterdam’s Resident and Business Services Department (afdeling Dienstverlening) and the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND).

As a consequence of new legislation or other developments, the City of Amsterdam has revised its processes. This may include changes relating to personal data processing. It is therefore advisable to regularly consult the documents containing general and specific information on the processing of personal data by the City of Amsterdam. The date of the most recent amendment is indicated at the end of the document.

Party responsible

The municipal governmental bodies are each responsible as processors, as defined by law for personal data processing conducted by or on behalf of the municipality. The municipal governmental bodies are the Mayor, the College of Mayor and Alderpersons, and the City Council.

For the processing of personal data by IN Amsterdam, the responsible processor is the College of Mayor and Alderpersons.

You can contact the City of Amsterdam’s Data Protection Officer via:

Personal data processing

The municipality collects and uses various categories of personal data from residents. The exact personal data that is processed depends on the specific process and purpose. This and other relevant information is explained below.

IN Amsterdam offers international newcomers the possibility to make all arrangements necessary for them to live and work in Amsterdam (and also in a number of municipalities in the region) during a single appointment. IN Amsterdam makes a combined appointment during which a residence permit, work permit, registration in the Personal Records Database (BRP), the issuing of the Citizen Service Number (BSN) and other matters are all arranged.


The aim of the personal data processing for this appointment is to facilitate the registrations with and applications to the bodies referred to above correctly and at the appropriate time, and to communicate with the person concerned about the appointment. Once the registration is complete, the data is needed in order to submit an invoice for this service to the persons registering or their employer. In addition, the City of Amsterdam processes part of the fully anonymised data for the purpose of improving its services. Only data that is necessary for the abovementioned purposes will be collected and processed, and it will not be held for longer than is strictly necessary.


The municipality processes this personal data with the objective of performing a function in the general public interest.

Categories of personal data

For the services described above, the municipality uses the following categories of personal data for each person concerned for whom an appointment is made:

  • The employer of the person concerned
  • First names and surname
  • Sex
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • The municipality in which the person concerned wishes to be registered
  • Whether the person concerned is to stay in the Netherlands for a period longer or shorter than four months
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • The V-number under which the person concerned is registered with the IND
  • The employer
  • Recipients

In the process of making the appointment and invoicing, the City of Amsterdam will only inform the employer that the appointment has been made, which registrations have been made, which services have been provided, and when. The migrant signs this as Proof of Service.


The personal data will not be processed outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

Storage periods

The municipality retains personal data for as long as is necessary for the tasks concerned to be performed. Up to two years after the service has been provided, IN Amsterdam must be able to demonstrate what service has been provided on what date, and who has paid for it. This means that your name and date of birth will be removed two years after the provision of the service. The date of birth and other personal data will be anonymised and stored for the purpose of improving IN Amsterdam’s service and operational management.


If you have any questions which are not answered in this document or the document containing general information, or you wish to contact the City of Amsterdam for another reason in relation to privacy or data protection, please see

You can also contact the City of Amsterdam’s Data Protection Officer via:

Exercising your rights and making complaints

As a citizen or stakeholder, you can exercise your rights in relation to the City of Amsterdam. For more information on exercising your rights, see If you wish to register a complaint regarding the actions of the City of Amsterdam, please do so via the form for questions, complaints and reports.


This document was drawn up on 2 May 2018.