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Family and kids picking fruit at Fruittuin van West
Image from Amie Galbraith

Pick-your-own orchards in and around Amsterdam

From endives to tulips, pear trees and blackberry bushes, it’s always more satisfying when you’ve picked your own. There are plenty of picking gardens in Amsterdam and the surrounding areas where you can spend a day harvesting some beautiful produce. We've tracked down the ten best places around Amsterdam for getting out there and picking your own.

Fruittuin van West

Family picking fruit at Fruittuin van West
Image from Amie Galbraith

To visit the Fruittuin van West (‘Fruit Garden of West’) you need to head West from Amsterdam, almost to Halfweg. As well as the farm, the greenhouses and barns, there's a vast fruit garden here, full of apple, cherry and pear trees, raspberry and blackberry bushes, and various other berry bushes. But that's not all – you'll also find nectarines, strawberries, cranberries and grapes. The fruit is weighed and paid for after picking; a kilo of small fruit costs around €10. You can also harvest veggies here in the winter, in the endive 'cave' or the shiitake greenhouses. 

When? The Fruittuin van West is open six days a week from 10:30 to 18:00 (closed Mondays). It's a good idea to check the website in advance to see which fruit is being harvested.

Fruittuin van West | Tom Schreursweg 48, Amsterdam

Stadsboerderij Osdorp

Stadsboerderij Osdorp garden with kids
Image from Stadsboerderij Osdorp

Stadsboerderij Osdorp (‘Osdorp Urban Farm’) is located amongst the big blocks of flats. Thanks to the big vegetable garden and the chickens roaming free, it feels like you're out in the country rather than in the middle of the city. A sign lets you know which types of herbs and vegetables are ready to pick that day. A range of workshops and activities are organised here for both children and adults. 

When? Open from 13:30 to 17:00 November to March; 10:00 to 17:00 from April to October.

Stadsboerderij Osdorp | Botteskerksingel 30B, Amsterdam

Annemieke's Pluktuin

At this floral picking garden you can gather some beautiful blooms to make your own bouquet for your sweetheart, mother, teacher or neighbour. Annemieke's Picking Garden has 3,000 square metres of tulips, which are yours to take home for 40 euro cents per flower.

When? In April, May and June (as long as there are tulips) from Monday through Saturday from 9am to 4:30pm.

Annemieke’s Pluktuin | Haarlemmerstraat 15, Hillegom 

De Olmenhorst

The terrace and the fruit shed of Landgoed de Olmenhorst in Lisserbroek
Image from Koen Smilde

The Olmenhorst Estate, with almost eighteen hectares of organic apple and pear trees, is located between Amsterdam and The Hague. Each year during the harvest season, the Olmenhorst opens its orchards for people to come and pick their own fruit. Take a box along, because for just €2.50 per kilo you can take all the organic fruit you can carry. 

When? The exact date hasn't been confirmed yet, but it's expected that the orchards will be open to apple and pear pickers from 15 September. 

De Olmenhorst | Lisserweg 481, Lisserbroek

Van Reeuwijk Fruit & Flowers

Urban agriculture in greenhouse
Image from Nao Takabayashi via Unsplash

Starting in mid-June, you can arm yourself with a big basket and head for the picking garden for blackberries, strawberries and other berries, cherries and various types of vegetables. For people with less mobility, Van Reeuwijk has a strawberry greenhouse directly along the path (which has a hard and flat ground) and strawberry boxes at standing height.

When? The picking garden is open from mid-June to mid-October. Keep an eye on the website for additional info on what's ready to pick and when.

Van Reeuwijk Fruit & Flowers | Hoofdweg 1475, Abbenes

Pluktuin Amstelveen

Pluktuin Amstelveen
Image from Pluktuin Amstelveen

A picking garden that you can visit in all four seasons, from picking colourful spring bloomers in the open air to browsing through the festive offerings in winter. Even on rainy days, you are welcome in the covered greenhouse to pick your own bouquet or have it assembled by a florist. There are also activities and workshops for young and old. For example, adults can make a floral wreath, and children can make a flower vase or mosaic mirror.

When? The picking season starts in March with daffodils. You can come here without a reservation from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00.

Pluktuin Amstelveen | Amsteldijk Zuid 183 b, Nes a/d Amstel

By Broersen

By Broersen pluktuin
Image from By Broersen pluktuin

By Broersen is a family business that has been growing and selling strawberries for more than 15 years. Since 2013, the cultivation of green and white asparagus has also been added. The farm shop is open all year round and stocked with various regional products from which beautiful gift packages can be put together. You can adopt a chicken for fresh eggs all year round. Feeling tired? On the terrace next to the greenhouses, you can relax with a strawberry ice cream or a cup of coffee.

When? You can pick flowers from June to September. In July and August, you can visit the fruit garden, and during the summer holidays, the strawberry greenhouses are open.

By Broersen | Dergmeerweg 30, Warmenhuizen