A microcosm of the world in Amsterdam Zuidas

Since it was founded almost half a century ago, Brazilian aerospace conglomerate Embraer has made a name for itself by producing commercial, executive, military and agricultural aircraft – as well as providing a range of aeronautical services. The company is a world leader in commercial jets, the largest defence and security solutions company in Brazil and the world's fifth largest executive jet manufacturer.

A city with a world class talent pool

Amsterdam's diverse, international workers have undoubtedly helped the running of the organisation. “Diversity encourages the exchange of experiences and the questioning of points of view,” said Pedro Paiva, an executive manager at the company.  

In fact, the biggest draw for Embraer was Amsterdam's world class talent pool, which is packed full of highly skilled workers across the creative, ICT and knowledge-based fields. “The selection process for the positions of the business units was very rich, with candidates from various countries with great experience, which helped us to form qualified and complimentary teams,” said Ramos.

Amsterdam's high-flying aerospace industry

Amsterdam's transparency and top-notch business environment were also key attractions for Embraer. “Amsterdam is strategic for our growth, as it is a city that offers mobility and easy connectivity to the region’s countries,” said Jorge Ramos, Embraer's EMEA president. “We also see how the city works in harmony with the central government in The Hague to consolidate its position as one of the most attractive locations for companies to develop their business. In addition, the city is also very welcoming to foreigners.”

And due to Amsterdam's connectivity, no destination is too far away for Embraer. “We cater to the largest part of the world by far from our Amsterdam office, so accessibility is important,” said Arjan Meijer, Embraer's CCO. 

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